Snow White

February 2, 2012
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 A thin snow-white paper that now determines my future sits glaring at me on my bathroom counter. As I look at  it and I feel completely alone, deserted, isolated, different. One final look at the paper, and I come out of the bathroom. 
    I make my way to my bedroom. I quickly set a timer for fifteen minutes and slip under my blankets. The next fifteen minutes are the longest of my life.
    I slowly drift between a daydream, and reality. I close my eyes for a moment, and the strong scent of his clone mixed with the warm breeze comes back to me. His dazzling eyes hypnotize me, and his smile taunts me. He pulls his car into the driveway, I meet him at the door, and get into his car. He drives and drives as we talk. He tells me all about college, and I tell him about being a junior. 
    Then just as soon as it started, it's over. I find myself back in my house, with no one there to comfort me. Then again, nobody knows.   I am the goodie-goodie-two-shoes of my friends. I'm supposes to be a role model for the kids I volunteer with. What would people do of they knew? I keep quiet for a fear being judged, or scrutinized.
    Besides, It was only once, what could come of it?? I hadn't seen him in months, what was to be expected? It wasn't like I planned for it. It just happened. 
   The cold shrill of my timer reminds me to get up. I make my way out of my bed as slowly as possible. I don't want to go into the bathroom. 
    After some time, I creep into the bathroom. On the counter sits the paper.  I look at the now sapphire blue paper, and I'm reminded of his eyes. A lump forms in my throat as I try not to cry. I silently say good-by to my boyfriend as I embrace my biggest fear. I failed my pregnancy test. 

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