It Will Be Fun

January 31, 2012

“Kristen, you know what would be so funny,” “What Serena?” “We should totally make a fake MyBook page and mess with people!” “Wasn’t there something about someone doing that on the news last week?” “Yeah, and?” “The people who did it got arrested, the girl they messed with ended up killing herself...” “OMG, that was all the way in like Oregon or something, everyone over there takes stuff way too seriously, that couldn’t happen to us! Come on, it will be fun!”
“Let’s make his name like Corbin Gray, that’s a hot guy name.” They got pictures off of Google, and they made the fake page. They started friend requesting everyone from there school. “This is going to be so funny,” said Serena.
“You’re pretty cute, we should start talking,” typed Corbin to a girl from there school named Lilly. “Umm, do I know you?” “No, I just moved here from Florida, I’ll be starting school where you go after winter break.” “Oh, well what does that have to do with me?” “I just wanted to be friends with the prettiest girl in school... but I guess I’ll leave you alone.” “No, wait, we can talk.”
Serena got online every night and pretended to be Corbin, Lilly seemed like she was really falling for Corbin. Serena knew that no guy had ever paid this much attention to Lilly. Lilly had always been weird, she didn’t talk to anybody at school, and the only people who wrote on her MyBook wall were her mom and grandma. In a way, Serena felt kind of bad for her, but she was having way too much fun to stop.
Lilly and Corbin kept talking about the same topics, so Serena decided to make it a little more interesting. She started asking for provocative pictures of Lilly. To her surprise, Lilly actually sent “Corbin” them. “Wow, she must be so desperate,” thought Lilly.
For the next few days Serena didn’t get on Corbin’s profile, she didn’t talk to Lilly at all. Then, On the Sunday before school started, she went onto Corbin’s profile and put the pictures Lilly had sent her, all over everyone’s wall. People started commenting on them and making rude comments. By ten o’clock that night, the pictures had gone viral. People had sent them to all of their friends, and they had sent them all to their friends. Not one person from there school had not seen the photos. Serena felt so proud of herself; she knew that no one would know it was her. And she could laugh at Lilly in person the next day.
Serena walked into the class she usually had with Lilly. She was so excited to finally see Lilly’s embarrassment in person. When she sat down in class, Lilly wasn’t there. The bell rang, Lilly never came. About halfway through the class there was a knock at the door. A police officer walked in. “Serena White?” Serena’s legs turned into jelly, she was dumb founded. Everyone turned around and looked at her. “Yes sir?” she mumbled. “Stand up and put your hands behind your back. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.”


“Wow, new friend request. Wow, who’s Corbin Gray, he’s cute.” Thought Lilly as she hit the accept button. Then up popped a chat box, “you’re pretty cute, we should start talking.” Why is this cute guy telling me I’m cute, who is he? “Umm, do I know you?” asked Lilly, hoping that she did. “No, I just moved here from Florida, I’ll be starting school where you go after winter break.” Lilly decided she was going to what she always sees Serena, the most popular girl in school do, play hard to get, “Oh, well what does that have to do with me?” “I just wanted to be friends with the prettiest girl in school... but I guess I’ll leave you alone.” “No, wait, we can talk.” Lilly had never felt this way before; a guy was actually talking to her!
For the next few days Lilly and Corbin talked every night, Lilly really liked having someone she could talk to. She told him really intimate details about her life, and he actually listened, and seemed interested in the things she was saying!
So when Corbin asked for provocative pictures of her, she didn’t think twice. She knew other girls from her school did it, so why shouldn’t she?
After she sent the pictures, Corbin stopped talking to her. She didn’t know what she had done wrong. She couldn’t believe she let a guy use her like that, she laid on her bed and started to cry.
Then, the Sunday before school came, she was excited, and she had finally let go of the Corbin incident, she was not going to let him get the best of her.
She logged onto her MyBook page. “Wow, twenty new notifications, cool,” she thought to herself. When she clicked on them she saw the picture that Corbin posted and tagged her in. It was the picture she had sent him. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She scrolled down and looked at the comments. “Wow, what a s***,” one girl who she didn’t even know said. The page was filled with horrible comments.
Lilly didn’t know what to do with herself. She grabbed a pen and started writing down what had happened so her parents knew, than she grabbed her anti-depressants and took the rest of the bottle.

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