Recovering Life Part 4: Awake

January 28, 2012
Sixteen candles a top a chocolate cake, set upon a silver platter. “Happy birthday Shara!” I laugh and my hair flies as I run with my friends down to the lake, and we sit down on the shore on a plaid picnic blanket . The water laps the shore, and we gaze out by the sunset, where the lake leads to the ocean.

I remember all this much. This was before I found Wellesley, and moved from my California home. Fast forward to my 12th grade graduation. I step onto the platform, and officially graduate. I'm happy, knowing this means I leave for Wellesley with a good background. My friends tear up as I run over. They tell me how amazing this is, how they'll miss me. My dear friend Ashley tells me to not lose myself along the way. I laugh, and hug her tight. I should
have known what came from it. Lose myself I did, and I've regretted it.

Tiffany grins widely when I walk in the door. “Hey, room mate!” That's when the darkness started. Tiffany always pushed and pulled, and I made terrible choices. One night, I finally learned my lesson. I fell into a coma, the night we went off campus and she dared me to do what I felt was the biggest mistake- to take a car out of the state and head to Las Vegas for the weekend. Tiffany was drunk, and the car crashed. That day my so called friend died. I hurt myself terribly and fell into a coma, waking up 2 months later in the California Bay Hospital, near my hometown....

“Bethany?” I ask. I know she's around hear somewhere, being the sneaky little sister she is. “Beth-a-NEEE!” I hear a giggle and she pops out from behind the table.

“Hey Shara. The doctors gave me the best news- you can come home itoday! You'll get to see my artwork from the classes I've been taking!” I give a warm smile and vaguely remember an email from her about the art classes. One of the things I'd lost touch with since Wellesley. “Oh, Shara, you get to go to Berkeley too, with Ashley and Jessica!” I brighten more. My high school friends and I would reunite after 2 years apart. Two wasted, twisted years full of bad choices. I fear that they hate me after all I've done. My poor best friends....

“Anyway, you come home now. Someone's waiting for you. Come on, the car's ready to leave,” she exclaims with a mischievous glint in her eyes. I trust her, though. I follow her carefully, after changing into clothes other than a hospital gown, and slowly step outside in the sunshine. I missed the sun. Stepping down the stone steps and into the car seat, my parents and sister grinning back at me. My life has restarted, and now's the chance for a new beginning.

For those 2 months I suffered nightmares, that my little sister was missing, I had thought I was awake or asleep and had dreams of strange people, some that I'd never met. My ex-friend Anja had been in it, she was shown as evil. If anyone was kind and considerate to Tiffany ignorant and rude, it was Anja. I needed to apologize, but being in California, I couldn't. I sigh and roll down my window, watching the city blur past me.

Finally, we arrive home. I step out the door, my feet feeling the smooth little river stones on my driveway. One step, two steps, and I begin to run, propelling me. The wind whips through my dark blonde hair and I begin to wonder, how did I ever leave this place? This place was my home, the one and only. The lake lies to my right, the house to my left, and nothing's in my way. I begin to tire, and walk more slowly, carefully, towards the house. Bethany gives me a big grin. “You look great, for just getting out of the hospital,” she says, walking over to the fridge and taking out an apple. As I watch my little sister, she starts to laugh a little. Someone taps my shoulder, and I jump and face the stranger. My eyes widen in delight and my mouth upturns in a smile. It's my best guy friend from high school, who made me smile. “Told you someone was waiting for you,” Bethany calls from the background. I blush, my face turning red.

“Hi, Seth.”

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summerchikk14 said...
Feb. 22, 2012 at 4:35 pm
y does nobody read my work.... 
summerchikk14 said...
Feb. 22, 2012 at 4:35 pm
sorry for confusion! teen ink has not pubished part u have 2 wait
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