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January 19, 2012
By mad.reader95 PLATINUM, Beach Park, Illinois
mad.reader95 PLATINUM, Beach Park, Illinois
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"It's never to late to shoot for the stars regardless of who you are." by nickleback from their song if today was your last day

The sand on the path was hot but the small shrubs on the ground kept them cool enough to walk without pain. There were small purple flowers sprouting out through the ragged mess of plants. There was a big hill to the right of me. What lived up there I did not know because the trees hid its secrets. A couple of Monarch butterflies flew by me playing tag with each other and stopping to touch each flower. Grasshoppers jumped back and forth. As I walked forward the blueness of the ocean begin to become wider and wider before my very eyes. A few Seagulls flew above my head and their high pitch screech made me feel at home. Finally, my bare feet reached the hot, smooth, and silky sand of the beach. As I walked up to the edge of the water I saw a magnificent boat. It was a sail boat, with big white sails, a faded blue bottom, and it was rocking back and forth in the waves. There was a giant sea turtle painted on the side and it had a little pink flower on its shell. The boats name wasn’t visible from where I was standing but I could see it was scrawled on the side in cursive. Then, I felt the hot sun beat down on me and it felt as if I could feel it begin to burn my scalp. To cool off, I stuck my feet in the icy ocean water and shivers ran up my whole body. The salt water stung the small cuts I had on the bottom of my feet. A few broken shells went across my feet as the waves went back and forth, the soft sound it made crashing down into the sand was soothing. Something shiny caught my eye in the water. I reached down and picked up a big chunk of a shell. It was white with little bits of pink here and there and it was shaped like a razor blade. The shell felt smooth, as if someone took it and ironed out all its wrinkles and bumps. I took the shell and skipped it across the waves: it touched down three times. Every time it touched the water it made a ringlet, getting bigger every time it touched. It finally plopped down into the water scaring a few low flying birds. Then I turned to my right and saw that the beach had turned into a rocky terrain. It was an odd arrangement of rocks: small ones here, large ones there, and all the mediums in between. The rocks went from the shore to the top of the hill. I was interested in the few big ones sitting along the shore line. I walked along the smaller rocks; they were hard on my feet and felt as if they might cut my foot straight in half. As I leaped on to one of the big rocks I smelt the salty, sweet, fishy smell that only the ocean can give off. I sat on the wet rock and got sprayed with the numbing water. As I got sprayed in the face I tasted the salty water. I got up and climbed the rocks: they were a tan-red color and they were all different shapes and sizes. Most looked like clay shaped by the mood of the ocean. I climbed over to the side finding a little path that leads me up the hill into woods. Smiling I walked up to take in the unknown beauty awaiting me.

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