The Woods

January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

I walked through the woods eager and strong. Waiting watching, holding onto every little detail that passed me by. Exploring was always my passion. It had been since I was very little. The animals and the sounds always triggered something in my heart. I would watch the birds fly over the field in the back of our home. I could not help but to wonder where they were going in such a hurry. Running, chasing, and copying them used to be my favorite hobby. I would pretend that I was flying under them. The worst thing was that I had to stop at the bridge that was stationed right in back of the fields. The birds always seemed to fly over it as I it was nothing special but I was always stopped by the thick woods that lay on the other side of it. I was curious and wanted to know what adventure lie in them, but my mother had always told me that I was to never cross that bridge. I didn’t mind though. I knew one day that I would take on those woods and see for myself what was in them. From my bedroom window I would just stare at them, anxious for that one day when I could go past that terrible bridge. Well that day was today. Older I am, and no one can stop me from exploring. I know the adventure will be difficult but the best things are never easy to find. I reach the bridge behind the field. Waiting, watching, and smelling I step one foot after another into my great adventure. This is my final discovery.

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