January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

“Turn it up!” Edna yelled in the background.

“Mmm Bop beep bob ba doooo woop”

The three Ollquist sisters, Edna, Ingrid and Oonagh were partaking in one of their lovely weekend joyrides, while listening to one of their favorite bands from their childhood, Hanson. The sisters loved to spend time together and looked forward every weekend to driving around on their typical route along Flemington and Whitehouse and screaming at the top of their lungs to their favorite songs. Ingrid was driving, Oonagh was in the passenger seat while Edna was dancing around in the back.

The sisters, fun loving and without a care in the world, were trying out a new route on this special day. A route filled with longs endless roads, surrounded by trees or luxurious houses. A perfect scene to support their need for relaxation and fun.

“Boys suck, I am so tired of them” Oonagh announced while turning down the volume.

Ingrid and Edna rolled their eyes, Ingrid finally spoke up, “Guys are assholes Oon, the sooner you realize that, they better off you will be!”

“Not all guys are assholes Oon! I mean most are, but some are nice!”

Ingrid rebuttals “No Edna, every guy is a jerk, and if they aren't they just don't know it yet.”

An awkward silence sets in...

“Ing you just think that because you suck at choosing guys, you’re surrounded by awesome ones but always go for the wrong ones.” Oonagh said cautiously to Ingrid afraid of her response

“It’s not my fault, they always change whenever I like them. If they just stayed the same it would work out” Ingrid argued. Oonagh and Edna looked at each other laughing. “Shut up!” Ingrid yelled. “I’m done talking about guys.

“Whatever” says Oonagh as she goes to turn the volume up, Edna screams from the back seat.

The girls scream

Ingrid quickly sees the blur of three peoples presence in the middle of the road. She quickly swerves out of the way at fifty miles per hour, just barely skimming the one of the men in the middle of the road. Oonagh and Edna turn around to see the fate of the three men that were almost hit while Ingrid immediately pulls over to the side of the road.

The girls sat in pure shock and silence for a few minutes. Silent. On the side of the road.

“Did we kill them?” Oonagh timidly asks.

Ingrid cuts her off “NO WE DIDN'T KILL THEM. I didn't even hit them!”

“Are you kidding me, did you not hear the thud?! You definitely hit someone!” Oonagh screamed back at Ingrid.

“Calm down everyone” Edna consoles. “Are they still back there?
The three of the simultaneously look back to see the fate of the three men behind them. One, the tallest man, was sprawled out on the road while the two other men were hovered over him in hysterics.

“We have to do something, we have to help them!” Edna announced.

The girls, petrified, slowly step out of the car. Waiting on each others next move, they ran over to the three men in the middle of the road.

The three men, had long beards, and wore raggedy clothing, almost as if they were homeless. Although they had long beards, the portions of their faces that were visible looked gentle and cherubic. Oonagh, the tallest, sprinted their first screaming and hollering. “Are you okay?! Is everything okay?! We are so sorry!”

The shortest man cleared his throat. And then spoke, purposely trying to talk in a deep voice. “Uhh, yeah, everything was fine, we uh, came out of no where, it was our own fault!”

Ingrid and Edna catch up.

“I didn't hit him did I?” Ingrid asks with tears in her eyes.

The second man clears his voice and says

“No, well I mean yeah but not directly! You just clipped him a little bit… Kind of”

“I can't believe this. I hit him I hit him! What were you doing in the middle of the road?” Ingrid starts to cry. The two men just stare at them with blank faces.

“That doesn’t matter any more Ing, we need to get him to the hospital ASAP!” Edna proclaims.

“No no, that's really not necessary,” one of the men explained. “We'll have it taken care of, you girls should just go, seriously we got it!”

“What are you insane?” Asked Oonagh. “There’s no way we are leaving you guys here, on three let's pick him up and bring him to the car!”


TWO....” the girls chanted while the men kept saying no.


Oonagh, Ingrid and Edna lifted up the tallest man and shuffled over to the car and laid him down comfortably in their mom’s blue minivan. The other two guys stood there with the same blank stare on their face.

“Well, Get in!” Edna yelled at them.

The two men shrugged at each other then ran to catch up with the girls, finally getting in the car. The gang fled to the hospital. While on their way, the girls introduced themselves “So I’m Oonagh, this is Ingrid, and that’s Edna.” Edna smiled and waved. But the men chose to stay anonymous, only revealing that they were brothers. Upon arrival they piled out of the car, carrying the tallest man inside.

“I forgot my brother’s things in the car! Can you all go get them please?” The shortest brother begged the girls.

“All of us?” Ingrid asked suspiciously.

“YES, ALL OF YOU” He snapped back.

The girls, shocked, reacted quickly by doing what he said, but when they got to the minivan, despite dissecting the entire car, they didn't find what they were looking for.

“What the hell are we even supposed to be looking for?” Oonagh questioned, “I didn’t see them with anything on the road

The girls finally gave up and ran back to the ER looking for the men. When they walked in they were gone. Ingrid approached the nurses’ station.

“Hi we're looking for our friends, three tall guys, beards, kind of grungy looking, they must have just checked in.”

The nurse replied confidently, “No, no one like that checked in. But you can have a seat in the waiting room and wait whoever you’re looking for to walk out.”

“But they were just here, some one must have seen them”

Another nurse chimed in, “Well there were those three brothers before...”

“YES! Them!” Ingrid said excitedly.

“Yes but they weren't grungy looking or had beards...come to think of it, they were three gorgeous looking brothers that looked like they just walked off of an Abercrombie add.”

“Well those definitely aren't our guys,” Edna said.

Oonagh butted her way into the conversation, as soon as she heard the description of three good looking dudes. “THREE HOT GUYS? THOSE ARE US, I MEAN THEM I MEAN, WHICH WAY DID THEY GO?!”

“Floor C room 358” said the nurse

The other nurse turns to the one nurse. “Should you have told them that?” she asked.

“Gurl I don't care my shift ends in ten minutes.”

Oonagh leads the pack up the stairs like a ravenous man eater while Ingrid and Edna yell at her to slow down from behind.

“What are we doing?” Edna yelled. “It's not them!”

“So, who cares? There are three hot guys in room 358 and we can’t find our dudes, might as well have some fun.” Oonagh championed.

The girls finally made is to floor c, skimming every room but no sight of their boys. Edna and Ingrid begin to walk and stroll behind as Oonagh doesn't loose a bit of momentum, all of a sudden, Ingrid and Edna hear a scream so giddy it could only be Oonagh's

“OH MY GOD!” Oonagh belted.

“Oon?” Edna and Ingrid both said. Worried, they hurried to the room Oonagh stopped in. They tripped over Oonagh's feet as she laid passed out on the floor.

“Oh my god Oonagh!” said Edna

“Oh my God....Hanson!” screamed Ingrid.

No, it was not a dream concocted by the sisters on a Sunday afternoon nap, the three Hanson brothers, Isac, Zac and Taylor were right in front of them. Isac was in the hospital bed and Zac and Taylor were next to him on both sides.

“” stuttered Edna.

The boys looked at the girls with familiar eyes.
“Oonagh!” They yelled

“Oonagh?” Edna and Ingrid repeated?

“ you know...Oonagh? What?” murmured Ingrid.

“Oh right,” said Zac. “We forgot to tell you...”

Zac reached into his bag and pulled out a long straggly beard. And put it on.

“Homeless dude!” Edna yelled. “ THEM?!”

“I hit Isac Hanson...” Ingrid said longingly staring into his eyes.

“Well yeah, you see, we've been on tour for months now, and we were traveling from Philidelphia to New Brunswick and we stopped in this town called Flemington to get gas and what not. Our publicist and tour manager have been down our throats all tour and we just needed some time away, and the nature here is amazing. We knew we wouldn't have been able to go around Flemington unnoticed, so we put together these lame homeless guy costumes, and everything was going well, until...well when Ingrid clipped Isac with your car.” explained Taylor.

“I hit Isac Hanson...” Ingrid repeated.

“You hit Isac Hanson...”Edna repeated.

“Guys I'm really okay! If anything this is just much needed rest ha!” said Isac.

Oonagh starting to wake up, mumbled, “You mean I've been hanging out with the Hanson brothers this whole time? Oh my god, Elise isn’t going to believe this” Oonagh whips out her phone and frantically texts her best friend Elise.

The doctor walks in and approaches Isac. “Mr. Hanson, it appears you made it out scotch free luckily enough, it was good you came but you are now free to go.”

“See Ingrid! I'm okay!” assured Isac.

“I hit Isac Hanson...” Ingrid said again in a trance.

“Girls, I think we can all agree this day has been full of surprises for all of us, how about we go get a bite to eat?” suggested Zac.

“I'll drive! said Ingrid.

“I'll drive.” said Oonagh.

Everyone laughed as they all exited the hospital.

After getting over their initial star shock, the Ollquist sisters finally got comfortable with the Hanson brothers and had a great time. They remained in touch, and ultimately became great friends. By the time their next tour came around it was the summer time, and none of the girls had school so the brothers invited them to come with them. They did, and on that special tour the Ollquist sisters each fell in love with their counter Hanson brother, they dated until they were old enough to marry and they lived happily ever after.

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