The Moon Above Black Water

January 22, 2012
By Karinkoch SILVER, Vancouver, Other
Karinkoch SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon. -Anonymous

Wretchedness starts to swim across the back of my mind as I find myself walking towards an empty beach. The thought of escaping from reality seems so easy, so painless, and so comfortable that I can feel my urges of giving up. Walking bit by bit with tiny footsteps, I now find myself closer to the edges of the inky ocean, and the cold hearted dark night suggests a deeper fall of depression. I take off my high heels, and throw them out into the distant sea water. A splash interrupts the peaceful atmosphere of the setting, as I place the tip of my toes into what seems like a million knifes. The cold and restless dark water starts to join the numbness within me, forming a lonely melody with the splattering sounds, and I decide to take another step into bitterness. Breathing weakly along the night breeze, I hear my heart beating forcefully against my chest, which is now touching the water. I can feel the spiteful seaweed below the surface of the ocean, trying to tie itself around my feet and my toes, attempting to bond me to a never ending darkness. My heart beating like a piece within me battling for a way out of my pathetic flesh, my wet hair tips getting heavier, my lips shivering with no effort, my head tilted up, and my gaze fixing on the bright moon above. The moon so bright, seemingly to be untouched by any sins, although surrounded by black color, its light still shines with no doubt. As gravity drags me closer to death, I picture myself as the moon above the black water, being the complete opposite of who I am, being nothing else but pure and ignorant. It’s time for my past to fade away, a new beginning, and it’s time for a second chance. Finally, I dive into the black water. Coldness, quietness, bitterness, darkness along with the crowded bubbles around me starts to disappear into a strong light coming from a lonely light bulb hanging in the middle of an empty dark prison. I am now back in reality, trapped in a dim prison with no escape. Through the little window with chilled metal bars, I see the moon, still stunningly sitting in the night air with grace, its brightness still far within my reach.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this, I thought about the fallen people who were once graceful but now disgusted by their own nature. People always assume that the beggars on the streets or the prisoners who committed crimes are hopeless and inhuman.. But that's not always true, they feel emotions too.

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