Sewer Rats

January 15, 2012
By BlackAndWhiteDaydream SILVER, Riverview, Florida
BlackAndWhiteDaydream SILVER, Riverview, Florida
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Walking around the streets and whispering all my secrets to the wind. Hoping for just one moment, that someone will listen. I walk these asphalt boundary lines, teeter-tottering on the thin border of insanity and enamor. I listen to the shadows whisper the contents of my memories back into my consciousness and I wish and pray up to the heavens that the sun will rise so my demons will fade. I wonder down empty streets, damp from fresh rain, and listen to the taunts and mumbles from the dark corners of my own mind. The rain paints the roads and alleys with a sheen of allure that reflects the moon's clear glow of peaceful ambition and shines down on my mascara streaked face. I see his eyes in the shadows and it reminds me of the bliss that was once ablaze in them. Soft fog dances at my feet and I keep traipsing down the infiltrated ghost town that is the city of my beloved. Once on the top of the world, jumping from roof tops. To falling down to the feculence spattered streets of below. From royalty to rags, from day to night, from technicolor to black and white. My standing and outlook changes as does my appearance. You see me as a sewer rat, but in my heart I am a queen.

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