The Seed

January 15, 2012
By andreaelizabeth BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
andreaelizabeth BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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“Tonight, we are young so let’s set the world on fire and burn brighter than the sun”, Taylor and Jessica screeched at the top of their lungs while cruising in Taylor’s dad’s red BMW convertible. They were giddy with pure delight on the first night of summer approaching their senior year. Both girls had big plans for the year to come and promised each other to live by the motto of no regrets. Taylor laid on the horn as they approached the beginning of summer ripper at TTucker Matthew’s house (who also happened to be dating Jessica) Before Taylor could even put the car in park, Jessica said “Thanks Tay, I’ll meet up with you in a few”, ran out of the car, flew open the door of TTucker’s house and leapt into her boyfriend’s arms. Taylor laid back for a minute, breathing in the cool Texas air on that serene June night and questioned Jessica’s ability to be a good friend. Taylor quickly shook the thought from her brain. Of course Jessica was a good friend, she was her first friend in Texas after she moved from New York freshman year. Adjusting to Southern life was hard, but Jessica eased the pain with her funny remarks and contagious personality. But ever since Jessica started dating TTucker, Taylor couldn’t help but feel she had been placed on the back burner.

Just then, a blue Chevy pick-up truck slowed as it approached Taylor on the gravel road outside of TTucker’s house. The driver rolled the window down and said “Wipe that darn sorrowful look off your face and hop in Taylor.”

Taylor instantly noticed the driver. It was Ryan Rogers, the technological genius who got suspended during the last week of school for hacking into the school’s system to mess around with the braniacs’ grades. Taylor’s mom had always told her to stay away from Ryan, and to be quite honest, Taylor had no problem doing so. Ryan had always scared her, and she wasn’t about to risk her life with a guy she barely knew just to have fun on this one night. Plus, Jessica was probably looking for her at the party. Just as Taylor was about to decline Ryan’s offer, she peered into TTucker’s house and saw he and Jessica flirting on the couch. Looks like she wont miss me, Taylor thought, and opened the creaky door of Ryan’s car and plopped in.

Taylor and Ryan drove in silence for the first two minutes. The only sound was the rumbling engine of the car that seemed like it was going to give out in about five seconds. Pretending to be fixing her hair, Taylor kept glancing over at Ryan. Why had she never noticed how cute and clean-cut he looked? Stop. Taylor thought to herself. You cannot fall for Ryan Rogers. For all you know he may be plotting to kill you. Beads of sweat began to drip down Taylor’s face. She was nervous. Confused. Awkward. Unable to handle the uncomfortable situation any longer, Taylor said “So.. How have you been doing?”

Ryan laughed and ran his hands through his dirty blonde hair. “I’ve been better..You?”

Taylor looked out the window and gazed up at the stars in the midnight-blue sky, trying to distract herself from Ryan’s radiating beauty. “Same. I’ve just been thinking abo—”

Taylor was interrupted by a sudden jolt of the car.

“Aw s***” Ryan cried. “There she goes. I knew ol’ Baby Blue wasn’t going to last forever, but I never thought tonight would be the night she’d finally die on me.” Ryan opened the door and walked over to the front of the car, popping the hood.

Taylor got out of the car and met Ryan in the front, looking up into his eyes. She had never noticed the twinkling specks of gold in his blue eyes. She took his hand and led him to the side of the road, leaving the car in the middle of the road. Together, they looked up into the sky and forgot the night.

The author's comments:
Part of the Smash 365 Day Challenge.

This was the prompt:
"The seeds that we have been uncovering carry with them an even greater, yet-discovered energy: the creative and imaginative spark that springs out of truth.

Take one of the seeds that you have uncovered recently, and put it into an entirely new and exciting dream-like scene where anything is possible. Write uninhibitedly for 20 minutes, allowing yourself the opportunity to reveal wild and wondrous ideas."

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