The Story of Grandma Julie

January 15, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Nude Granny
I once heard a little story about some old lady from down the street. This old ladies name was Grandma Julie, but most people didn’t really call her that, instead they called her by her nickname which was Nude Granny.
She has had this nickname for years and about everybody knew about it because they either seen or heard about it. The reason she got that nickname was because she was always nude when she was outside and she thought that no one mind, when really everyone did mind.
She would sit outside for hours on her rocking chair and sip her ice tea. She only done this during the summer and while she was doing this, her neighbors would all try to be on vacation away from the neighborhood.
This story isn’t just about Grandma Julie; it is also about a child who came to that neighborhood on his and his parents’ vacation. He told me that at that vacation he seen something that he was interested in and yet never wanted to see.
It all began when the kid and his parents arrived into town. After ten minutes of being in town, the guy that told me the story said that he had already made six friends. They talked and decided to head over to a place they thought the new kid should visit right away.
A little while later, the kid and his friends finally got to the road that lead to the destination. Right then one of the kids said, “I dare to go to this address and talk to the old lady named Grandma Julie for a hour!” Then the guy that told me this story said, “If I do this, what do I get?” Then the other kid said, “We will all give you ten dollars each!” Then the boy said, “Okay I’ll do it!”
He then started walking down the road looking for that certain address that Grandma Julie lived on. He had went down about seven houses and he then found the address, but when he looked up at the house all he seen was a nude old lady.
This guy was a preteen at that time and when he looked at the old lady, he was kind of interested in what he had seen and yet he was kind of sickened by it. The reason he was interested in it was because he had never seen a nude lady and the reason he was kind of sickened by it was because all the body parts he had seen were all wrinkly and saggy
While he was thinking about what he was seeing the old lady got up off of her rocking chair and started to walk over to her mail box. The boy then realized what was going on and asked if she was Grandma Julie.
She finally made it to the mail box and grabbed the mail, bit then she accidently dropped the mail. So she then bent over to pick up the mail. The boy about threw up because he seen nothing but hairy butt flab’s. After he was able to clear his throat, he asked Grandma Julie if she had everything under control and she then answered yes that she had everything under control.
After Grandma Julie (aka Nude Granny) picked up her mail, she asked the kid if he wanted to come into her house to get out of the heat and the boy said, “Sure I’ll come in.” He then went into the ladies house. As soon as they got into the house, Grandma Julie went straight to her room to put on some clothes.
When she got back into the other room, the boy asked what her past was like and she then started going on about what she had done in the past. Three to four hours went by and it was beginning to get dark outside, so then the boy asked Grandma Julie if he could use her phone to call his parents.
Ten minutes later the boy’s parents arrived and the boy said, “Bye and thanks for the interesting day!” The next couple days the boy went back over to Grandma Julie’s hose to hear more about her past. Later in the week the boy and his parents went back to their hometown and one thing that is definite is that the boy will forget that summer vacation or get the sixty bucks that those kids owe him.
The Military Days
The guy that told me the first story about Grandma Julie (aka Nude Granny) also told me about Grandma Julie’s younger years.
The First story was about when she was in the military, which was kind of hard to believe at first, but as time passed and as the story went on it began to make a little more sense.
The story began off with Grandma Julie turning twenty-six. At that time she wasn’t a full pledged nudist, but she was starting to become one. Even though she was short she was still as strong as anybody else. She was mentally and physically strong.
Around the turning of age she was starting to date a guy that really liked her and also really wanted her to join the military and eventually she did.
When she finally joined, she became a Medical Assistant. Her job was to help with the sick and or the injured. She was in the military for about three years and quit to be a different kind of person.
The reason she quit was because she had to do some things that she was not proud of. She wasn’t bothered by those things for a while until a friend that she just made died right in front of her.
So after she got back home and got over what had happened she picked up on something else!
Nude Biker
The guy then made a big pause and then told me that she had then became a Nude Biker. I was happy for that twist in a way and I was kind of sickened by the concept of a Nude Biker and that year marked the beginning of nude Granny.
Every morning right around ten, a.m. Grandma Julie would be awake and on her motorcycle heading out the garage door. Most of her neighbors weren’t even up yet. Grandma Julie would ride her motorcycle for hours.
She would attract a lot of attention to herself because of her being nude. Some people liked it at the time, but as time went on and Grandma Julie got older, people began to think that what she would do was nasty.
She has now quit driving while nude, but every now and then she will go out into the garage and sit on her motorcycle and she would pretend like she was driving for hours or at least until her joints started to ache.
Nude Granny’s Death
I guess that a lot of years ago, the guy that told me these stories went back to that neighborhood to talk to Grandma Julie and found out that she had died. He also found out that in Grandma Julie’s will she wrote that if the adult version of the preteen ever came back, he had rights to anything he wanted of hers.

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