A Day In The Life Of... (The Typical School Day)

January 15, 2012
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Your alarm rings, and you roll over in bed, flailing your arm around until you finally hit the snooze button. Five minutes later, it rings again and you roll over, only to hit your head on your bedside table…and fall to the floor. “Shoot!” you yell, and in a state of panic, you stumble to your dresser, throw on some clothes, and grab your backpack. You’re still buckling that belt and buttoning that shirt while you run into the bathroom. You throw a toothbrush in your mouth and groan at the sight of the dark circles under your eyes. Your socked feet skid to a halt in the kitchen as you snatch up a Pop-Tart and burst out the door. You’re halfway down the driveway, when you realize you forgot your shoes. As if reading your mind, your mother chucks them out the door at you, and you raise your half-eaten Pop-Tart in thanks. Now this is where the fun begins. You sprint to the bus stop, shoes in your left hand, backpack in your right, and make it to the bus with seconds to spare. Your Pop-Tart is hanging out of your mouth as you plop down into your bus seat and let out a relieved sigh. The person in front of you turns and peers over the seat, simply staring at you, so you put in your ear buds and close your eyes…

At school, your locker won’t open, and finally you’re able to force it, therefore smacking your face in the process. You sleep through most of your morning classes, and then head off to lunch with a stubborn drool mark on your chin. On the way into the cafeteria, you slip on a misplaced yogurt container and end up sitting next to a very strange person (to say the least). You try to read your book, but the person across from you won’t shut up about something weird, along the lines of their pet rock named Sparky. After your final classes of the day (where you got hit in the head by an eraser, accidentally touched fresh gum under your desk, and had to pay fifteen bucks to get your confiscated phone back), you trudge to the bus, throw your backpack down, and fall asleep before you even have the chance to put your ear buds in. Later, you wake up and notice that the bus driver missed your stop. They turn around, and when you get home, you silently curse yourself for forgetting your key. It begins to rain, but you’re afraid to go to your neighbor’s house due to a childhood rumor that he’s a mad scientist who experiments on high-school kids. When your mom finally gets home, you run inside, only to realize that you left your backpack on the bus…

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AndyShea said...
Feb. 10, 2012 at 9:59 pm
My life story. Very good! Would like to have seen some more situations, but I like what I read. Keep writing! :)
ElizabethWaldie This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:27 pm
Thanks! It was actually a blog post I wrote a while ago, around the first day of school. Glad to see someone else relating to it :)
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