the tale of two brothers

February 1, 2012
By lando72 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
lando72 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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Hearing a distant ringing I came back to reality. it was the phone and I had no intention to pick it up. It switched over to the answering machine and it was my brother.

“Quinn I know that your there. Just pick it up. Where else would you be. You have been hiding from the world in that house for long enough. Please, Julie wouldn’t want to see you like this. You know what she would say? She would sa-“

“I bet that she would say a lot of things but she can’t! She is dead! So what did you really call for?!”

“I called for your common sense. I called to ask it to come back and help you come back to reality. you cant just grieve and rot in your house.”

“every day it comes to my mind. Why did I choose to go to my house. Or why didn’t I sit in her spot. I see the blood and her limp body”

“And you think I don't? I feel the same way if not worse? I wake up every morning feeling like the killer. I could have prevented it. If I had speed up or noticed the car. Or if I hadn't taken that shortcut. I am sick of your crap. I thought you were better than this. But I guess I don't know you anymore..." then there was silence. That was the part of the whole conversation that cut the deepest. It sank in leaving a deep wound in my heart. I didn't even have anything to say.

My brother was the first to hang up without saying anything. For what seemed like hours I sat and thought. I did know what Julie would have said. "The past is the past. We will always remember it. But we can't change it. We need to look to the future and search for the bright days." she would say this in the softest most soothing voice. I knew what I needed to do.

It was a crisp, cold morning with no clouds in the sky when I got to the cemetery . I found the humble looking headstone that belonged to Julie. I sat on the stiff frosty grass beside it. I remembered back to all the wonderful time I had spent with Julie and my older brother. I my face hurt from the cold. Every tear a knife slicing down my face, letting out the pain and regret. Letting in forgiveness from myself.
What are you doing here he grunted. He had a scowl of distain. I have come to apologize to both you and Julie. That I was out of line the whole time and that you were right I did need to get my life back in order. For the longest time he just leaned on his crutches scowling at the ground. He then hobbled over to me. I expected him to punch me or say some crude remark to my face. And if he did I deserved it. I was totally taken back when he dropped his crutches and leaned in and gave me a hug. When he let go. We both had tears streaming down our faces.

"We need to stick together. Each other are the only people we have left in this world. Without the other we are hopeless. Promise me you will be be strong and stick with me."

"I promise, to you and Julie." I said sniffling. We both broke into smiles and hugged each other.

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