The Young Boy

January 29, 2012
By MalikBeck21 BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
MalikBeck21 BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Fade In. Park

The camera reveals an older man sitting on top of his car reading a young child's book, he flips through pages trying to misinterpret the words in the book. The older man looks up to see a young teenage girl sitting on a bicycle with a blank stare on her face. The older man name was Jamie and the teenage girl was his daughter Amy.

Fade out Park

Jamie shows his young daughter Amy his home for the first time, Amy walks around the house looking at pictures on Jamie's wall, she's amazed a little but at the same time she doesn't care.


So... what you think of the house?


It damn sure is dusty, when's the last time you had a woman's touch around here?


I guess you could say your mother was the last female to come inside and clean up...

Jamie walks over to his couch and lays across it as if he was in a therapist office. Jamie stares at the ceiling while talking.


I miss your mother, her warm soft hands touching my face every morning. She whispering in my ear how much she loved me, she would make breakfast every morning and while eating at the table she would always say. "we're a beautiful couple".


I don't understand why your laying like that, this isn't a therapist session, so I advise you to sit up.


I guess you could say I understand why your mad but you have to understand what happened between me and your mom may have affected you but it's really only me and your mom's business.

Amy picks up a diamond earring sitting on the dresser, she examines the jewelry.


what a fine piece of jewelry you got here father, were did you get this at?


Bertha got it for me. ... Bertha was a female friend I met about 3 years after me and your mother split....


look father, you don't have to explain your love life to me, I could honestly care less.

Fade out.

Int. The Gym.

Jamie works out by running on a treadmill, sweat dripping down his face, his iPod on his side with his water bottle also half filled in a holder.

Amy begins to work out on the treadmill right next to Jamie, she turns her iPod on, amps the volume up, then begins to look out the gym window.

Ext. The Gym.

Int. Jamie's house.

7:05 pm dinner time.

Jamie and Amy sit at the round dinner table eating pasta, they have a mini stare down and competition on who can eat the pasta first. Amy wins.

The door bell rings, Amy gets up to get it, Jamie leans back to see who it is.

A man with a ski mask on and a 40mm pistol in his hand points it at Amy's head and says "get in the house", he closes the front door and has her sit down at the dinner table. Jamie is mortified but also only worried about the safety of his daughter.



what do you want? I don't have much to give but I'll do whatever.

masked man.

Mr. Jamie you used to be a therapist right?


Well yes I was, for 20 years actually.


I need your help with something, I have this problem.

Jamie is a little confused but is willing to help.


Mr. Gunman are you hungry? me and my daughter Amy here are having pasta, would you like some?


yeah sure.


I'll get him some.


So Mr. Gunman whats this problem your having?


Me and my girlfriend Lisa are trying to have a baby, but the problem is we're having a few speed bumps in the process. She's saying she can't sleep at night, she's having cold flashes, chills, she say's her back hurts and her muscles ache.

Amy returns with a plate of pasta, she puts the plate in front of the man and a fork and napkin right beside it.


Let me tell you a story Mr. Gunman. It all began when I was a young boy back in Tennessee, now I wasn't born in Tennessee, I would just go there on vacations back when I was a boy. I was born and raised here in good ole Springfield Illinois, but back down south I met this girl named Viola at a young adult night club. She was gorgeous, she had these cute little dimples on her cheeks and a smile that could make anyone melt. We grew older and got married then had a child, my lovely daughter Amy as you can see, as we grew older Viola and I started to get closer but split apart. Then next thing you know I come home to her sleeping with one of my patients, luckily she didn't try to lie about it, she just packed her things and left.

A tear begins to fall down Amy's face.


Did yall get a divorce?

Jamie holds up his right hand and shows the masked man his ring finger.


I haven't seen or talked to her since about 03.


This is an overwhelming story but how does it help with my situation?


I guess it didn't help much, sorry.


I guess we could just go see a specialist, do you think you could give me a ride to my house?


You put a gun to my daughters head, eat our food and ask for advice and now you want a ride?


I know it sounds crazy but I caught the city bus here.


I guess I can.

Ext. Jamie's house.

Int. The Car.

Jamie and the Masked Man ride in the car, the radio is turned off and both breathe heavily.

The masked man takes off his mask.


I was getting tired of that thing, it was uncomfortable with that on.

Jamie looks over at the man, he recognizes him, it's his old patient Peter, the man he caught his wife in bed with.


Peter. What the hell are you doing in my car, with a damn gun and asking for advice.?


I needed your advice sir.

Jamie stops the car, he gets out and goes to the back of his trunk, he picks up a sawed off shotgun, walks over to the passenger side of the car where Peter was and begins to fire. Blood splatters everywhere, on the windows and seats.

Jamie kicks the dead body out the car and begins to drive off. He stops the car in front of a house.

Jamie takes out his cell phone and dials a few numbers.


Hey Viola it's me James. I'm outside of your house thinking about you, I want to make this work out, so when you check your messages just come outside. I'll be here.

Fade out.

Credits roll.

The author's comments:
This short really came out of nowhere, it relates to a lot of people I know rather than myself.

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