The Red Storm

December 30, 2011
New Pasco: Pasco City; Presidential Palace
The phone on the small table next to President John Bringer’s bed began to ring. First Lady Alice Brigger, not President John Brigger, was stirred awake by the shrill ringing. Wiping the sleep from her eyes she reached over the sleeping form of her husband and picked up the receiver.
“First Lady Brigger speaking.” Alice said in a sheepish voice. She strained to see the digital wall mounted clock on the dresser. She was surprised to see it was 2:12 AM.
“I’m sorry to wake you ma’am.” The voice on the other side said. She recognized who the voice belonged to instantly. She would never forget the cold yet friendly voice that was synonymous with the Director of Intelligence Alistair Cole. She had discussed the issue of foreign policy with the man many times during the numerous White House dinners. He was brilliant but favored statistics over the human factor; something that had been the subject several of their most intense debates.
“No problem, Alistair. Want me to wake up John?” she said as she sat upright. Being a childhood friend of the Director she was one of the few people who could call him by his last name. She looked over at her husband’s sleeping form and sighed. He was still wearing the dress shirt he had worn the night before. He had been too tired to take it off after a night of interviews with various news networks.
“If you wouldn’t mind, ma’am. How are the kids?” Alistair said as he gathered the right papers for an over the phone briefing. He had known Alice since the age of two. Both of their fathers had served in the Pasconian Army and were stationed at the same base so they quickly became friends. They had gone to all the same schools and even went to freshmen prom together as friends. They parted ways for college due to them wanting different things. Alistair went to Ackmen and Alice went to the University of Pasco.
“Jack loved the present you gave him. E is starting to call you Uncle Alistair. John encourages them to do that. Alison just started second grade. She brags to all of her friends that her uncle is the Director of Intelligence. ” Alice said as she shook her husband. He stirred a little but just rolled on his side and started snoring.
“I thought he’d love the cadet rifle. Glad your kids are doing well. George just got out of Officer’s Training School. He’s getting commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army. ” Alistair said referring to his twenty-two year old son. John finally woke up after several more shakes. He yawned and went back to lie down.
“Oh no you don’t.” Alice said catching her husband’s head and put the receiver to his ear.
“Mr. President, we have a national security at hand.” Alistair said, his voice suddenly turning cold.
“Alistair there is always a matter of national security. When grain shipments are late clearing the harbor, it’s a matter of national security. Whenever the police are short on manpower, it’s a matter of national security. I bet whenever an endangered eagle breaks wind it is a matter of national security.” John sighed.
“Mr. President………Elstravokia just declared war.” the Director said with all the emotion of a computer. Jack bolted upright with his mouth wide open. Alice had a worried look on her face as she saw her husband’s reaction.
“How did this happen?” John asked as he regained his composure. He took the cordless phone in the bathroom and closed the door. It wasn’t soundproof but it would do for now.
“Sir, reports are sketchy but it appears that Esmaé Island on our eastern coast came under intense Elstravokian attacks about an hour ago. The garrison there was wiped out well before what we believe two divisions of Elstravokian paratroopers landed on the island. We got a U-2 recon aircraft over the area and we have a confirmed report that a entire Elstravokian carrier group near the island. I suggest you call an emergency meeting with your cabinet. I’ll be there in ten minutes so we can discuss this further.” Alistair reported.
“Make it five.” John ordered.

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