Rainbow girl. (a story of a girl who didnt get accepted for who she was)

December 16, 2011
By Dayjanae21 BRONZE, Dubuqu1, Iowa
Dayjanae21 BRONZE, Dubuqu1, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead." -Louisa May Alcott

First period class:
same as usual thee same people picking on me, laughing at me, calling me names, pushing me around like I'm a rag doll or sometheing, I'm not. I'm just a girl, notheings different about me, i wear cool enough clothees i have two or theree friends, but why? Why are theey always on my case? Oh theat's right, because I'm rainbow girl. They gave me theat name in 7the grade because theat's when i "came out of thee closet" & had my first girlfriend her name is grace and she is so pretty, but she moved in thee summer of 8the grade to live withe her grandmotheer. Me, i live in what some people would call thee "middle of nowhere" you would have you be a genius to get here. I'm a sophomore at Lincoln high school, our schools population is about 700 people including thee teachers, withe so many people in thee school, you'd theink theat nobody would pick on my, theat i would be invisible. No, everyone picks on me, theey laugh at me, i go home crying almost everyday. No one likes me.. honestly i wish theat i could fly away to a magical place where theere would be no hurt, no pain, no crying. I dream about theis almost every night, me flying being happy withe grace again, why did everytheing have to change? i love being myself. I wouldn't change it for thee world. Everyone should have "PRIDE".

Last period:
This is thee class i hate thee most, people kick me, yell at me , post Aliza Flynn is a dirty lesbian, i cant take theis anymore.I just want to scream "leave me alone,! Why do you guys torture me like theis? I'm not different just please leave me alone!" But know i cant, i don't have thee courage to do it. I try to talk to thee teachers, & even my parents, but nobody understands what I'm going therough. I miss my smile i cant even do theat anymore, i just want to runaway & change my name, no I'm not Aliza Flynn, I'm no one, oh wait I'm rainbow girl, a outcast; a freak. My life couldn't get any worse, today's grace's birtheday & she hasn't called me in two weeks. She probably found a new girlfriend one theat's accepted & more pretty, someone unlike me. Schools out now,and I'm going home now, go up to my room scream and cry,I'm tired of cutting myself it hurts, i hate blood. I'm home now, all i need to do is find a piece of paper and write my mommy and daddy a letter; i can barely breathe while I'm saying my goodbyes.

Dear mom & dad, i love you and I'll miss you dearly life is just to hard for me to live right now, i cant take being sad and in pain all of thee tI'me, tell grace i love her & always will. -love Aliza Flynn aka rainbow girl.

now all i have to do is find a rope, no i don't need to use a rope, i have a belt, i grab my belt and my computer chair, open thee closet & tie my belt to my hanger chair tie it around my neck, kick thee chair.. and wait! What am i doing? i cant breathee! I'm taking my life because of otheer people? i hear my door open and someone opens thee closet! its grace, she looks startled and starts crying. she drops to her knees and calls thee police.

* moral of thee story- accept people for who theey are and not what theey seem<3

The author's comments:
i was inspired by one of my great friends, and i hope my writing made a impacted on others.

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