Love Until Death Do Us Part

December 16, 2011
By Crystal Clark BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
Crystal Clark BRONZE, Sedan, Kansas
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On April 3, 1991 everyone who visited the cemetery saw a crazy sight. Some people would stop walking and stare, while others asked “What are they doing?” Since this cemetery was always busy, people were constantly visiting their deceased relatives. On a regular night the cemetery was full of tombstones and trees, but then something unique was added on the day of April 3, 1991.

Suzie and Bob Baldwin was an older couple, who lived in a small, quiet town in Kansas. They had three children, who had fled to college, making the couple empty-nesters. The silence of having no one there concerned Bob and Suzie. They were alone, and only had each other.

It was taciturn in the house on April 3rd because the day before Suzie had conversed with Bob. “Bob I can’t take this anymore.” Bob looked disturbed and asked “You can’t handle what?” Bob was worried because since the children had fled, their marriage had been on a tight rope, high in the air, waiting for it to fall at any time. Suzie looked at him sincerely and finally said “The silence. The lack of responsibilities. EVERYTHING!” Bob laughed and looked at Suzie. “Suzie, let’s do something then. “ They needed people to watch over, and something to do, so they decided to pack their bed into Bob’s truck, and drive to a place where they could forever watch over someone.
When arriving to the place, Suzie exclaimed “Bob this is perfect!” they then began building their bed, right next to their dead family members in the cemetery. After the bed was made, Suzie and Bob got into bed and watched over the dead bodies of their parents. Randomly Suzie asked “What else should we do Bob?” Bob thought for a second and finally said “Well, we can watch people come in and out of the cemetery, sing, read books, skip around, and enjoy nature.” Suzie laughed, but then got serious and asked “What about eating?” Bob hadn’t thought about that. He said “I guess one person will have to stay here, while the other person retrieves food.” Bob then went to a restaurant and bought food. This was a good idea, but how long could this last?

Years have passed now, and both Bob and Suzie have passed away. They both died on April 3rd 2012, within a few hours from each other. They died together, in their bed, located in the cemetery. When the funeral director got to the scene he found a will. In it, it announced that they didn’t want to be buried; they wanted to stay in their bed. The funeral director did as they wished, and to this day Bob and Suzie’s dead, decaying bodies lay on that bed in the cemetery.

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