The Lady in the Pink Suit

December 16, 2011
By , Stillwater, MN
  Dressed in a pink suit, the lady walk in the the court room. Her presence attracted
eyes, as if she was lion among many mice. There was not a sign of hesitation within her
movement. There was a man, dressed in an all black tracksuit, trailing right behind her.
He walked stiff, as if he was out of place. Though there was this atmosphere about him.
He was feared, eyes turned, looking away when he walked by.

The room was ?lled with people, old and young. The clock was just about to hit noon,
and then it would all begin. Watching the man?s face, as he showed no emotion, he took
his seat. An elderly lady ,with snow white hair, stood up. She said in a de?ning voice
from across the room,

“I hope you get what you deserve, you monster.”

Some people nodded in agreement, while the others that didn?t think it was quite
appropriate to do that in a rtroom shriveled their nose up in disgust to show their
feelings about him.

The lady in pink started moving a lot, as if she was anxious with anticipation. She
stood up for awhile, glaring around the room. Then she sat down, legs crossed, with
perfect posture, behind the left side podium. When the clock would begin, she would
give her opening statement. Everyone knew who she was, voted one of the best
lawyers in the nation. Her statement was sure to be a good one. She never let any client
down- winning nearly all her cases throughout her years as a lawyer. Though, peopleworried. Why would anyone take such a case as this, when there was almost no hope
for a win. The man was being accused of illegal substance use during the NFL season.
It was a fact, and there was almost no hope. Though, that was what intrigued everybody
about her. They all knew, somehow, she would win this case.

Just then, the judge walked in. He was a short old man, nearly bald, who walked a
fast pace to his seat-determined to get this case ?nalized. His eyes looked tired, as if
this was just another basic case he had to settle. It wasn?t though. This was the one
case that had been on the news for weeks and everyone was talking about. The judge
clearly put not effort into the fact of the importance of this case. He was do his job and
be done with it. He empathized with no one, but thats what made him such a strong

“Order. Order,” he said, and everyone took their seat as silence hushed over the
room. “We will begin with defending side, Ms. Louton, you may begin.” She proudly
stood up, holding a straight face. That was one g about her, no one could ever tell
what was going through her mind. She never showed or expressed emotion. As she
stood, the crowd watched. They sat there in pure silence, afraid to make even the
slightest movement. It wasn?t that she was particularly mean; she exerted the ?powerful?
aura around her. Everyone, even the judge noticed it. She had gained respect from
anyone in her presence. Something that people strive for their whole life, she has
already been able to accomplish.

Over the next 45 minutes, the two sides ?battled? it out. Yes, only 45 minutes. It was a
big case, being featured over the news for the past month, but all it took was 45 minutes
for the fate of NFL player, Jeremiah Linstrom. He was facing the possibility of getting hiscontract revoked. Which may not seem like a major punishment, but for him it was. He
was the star quarterback of the team. The nation knew who he was, one of the most
elite quarterbacks, and ever team wanted him. Their previous super bowl winning team
could loose every chance at becoming super bowl champions again this season.

As the judge debated with the jury, the people sat there, waiting for the long
anticipated answer. There was nothing left either side could do. They said their
arguments, and now it was all up to the judge. The courtroom was silent; know one
really knew which way the verdict would sway. Mrs Louton had given, not surprisingly, a
very impressive argument. Though, the facts stood with the case going against him. So,
either way, it would be a shock. The judge stood up, and spoke.

“Over the arguments of today, we ?nd Jeremiah Linstrom to plead not guilty. The decision is ?nal, but thank you to all who was apart of this. Mrs. Louton, congratulations.
Thank you everyone for coming today, have a wonderful rest of your week. Jeramiah- I
hope to be seeing the team bring home another victory next season. Get back in the
game.” The crowd was amazed. She had done it again, with almost everything going
against her, they didn?t know how it was possible. As the man stood up, a look of relief
came over him. He stretched, and inhaled as if he could ?breathe again.? It had been a
successful day, and as he walked out, he was smiling. The lady in the pink suit walked
out, but didn?t seem to show her joy. She kept a straight face, but thats what makes her
so successful. When she?s working on a case, she keeps it professional and serious.
The courtroom was closing for the day, and everyone walked out after them. Some
pleased, some not, but the decision was ?nal. The outcome of the case was on the news that night, and citizens couldn?t believe
Ms. Louton had one another case. There was something about her, other than all her
determination. Somehow, over the course of 15 years, she had won every case she had
taken on. Some called it pure luck, others thought pure madness. We may never know
the secret behind her. As for Jeramiah, he would return to practice the following weeks.
Hopefully leading the team to another victory in this years super bowl.

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