A short story about a short life

December 16, 2011
By dr.heheha BRONZE, Willamsport, Pennsylvania
dr.heheha BRONZE, Willamsport, Pennsylvania
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We all make mistakes

It was a rainy, cloudy day no birds singing like music no kids playing in between the slowly rusting trailers. The trees bent in the howling wild wind that was rocking the trailers back and forth like a mother rocking her baby back and forth. It was a terrible storm like a toddler having a fit.
The storm along with his alarm woke Max up. Slam went Max’s hand on his alarm clock. He then pushed his greasy black hair out of his jade green eyes. Then he got up and got a shower, hair still as greasy as a pig, and got dressed.
Then even tough he really didn’t want to he went to the kitchen and said hi to his mom and stepdad shwan who at that very moment was taking a shot of rum, beer, and vodka all at once, he was told not to get in a fight, and then he left to go to school, Curtin middle school. At school Tom, Isaiah, and Alex were waiting like usual.
“Hi moron” was all that was said before everything became a Hurricane of fists and feet all around Max. All the while Mr. Cleaver the teacher on outside duty every day did nothing yet again. RING went the bell and as the rest of the students walked in Max picked himself up and out of the trash can, and than ran to his locker, then to his homeroom who happened to be thought by Mr. Cleaver. After homeroom he went to social studies then math and last with there weird schedules went home to show his mom and Shawn his bruises then went to his room hoping to hide from the explosion that was sure to come.
“why you not telling that boy not to fight!” His stepfather slurred barely making any sense at all.
“I am, wait what!”
“Shut UP” Shawn yelled, “Now get out here you dog”
No such luck for Max tonight.
“NOW” and Max walked out “There you are”
Max hoped it would not be too bad tonight. Again no such luck he realized as he felt a thudding slap on his cheek, and down he went like a sack of bricks. And then heard his mom give out a cry of pain and too feel from Shawn’s fearsome hand.
“Now you first you mom of a dog.” And he started choking Max’s mom until he decided she had enough then he tossed her to the ground and said.
“Now go to bed I’ll see you in a little.” Then he picked up him up and tossed him outside.
“Goodnight Max” Shawn said as he laughed at himself. It was a cold windy night with the scattered toys from the earlier storm. You could see the small bit of the moon and stars but only barely because of the city’s lights. He knocked on Mrs. Doughtmire’s trailer door as he did many nights that was this like this, since the night when his mom and her boyfriend forced Max to move and he and Shawn had a bad night she found him on the ground crying at the age of five she took him in and gave him milk and cookies. Little has changed.
She opened the door with her red and gray hair laying messily on her Mikie and Minnie night robe. She didn’t even ask she this went to the oven and pulled his favorite cookies out of the oven they were double chocolate chip cookies. Then she got the blankets and pillows she kept this for him and laid it out on the couch for him.
“So how are you tonight Max.” She asked casually
“Same old same old.” He replied
“Lets eat then and then you can go to bed.” and they did tasting the sweet smooth taste on his tongue and then went to bed and fell asleep.
When he woke he ate nice and fluffy pancakes that Mrs. Doughtmire makes so good. Then he said goodbye and snuck into his room through a small hole under his bed. And grabbed his backpack and went out a window and to school he went.
Like always there they were but today would be different he thought. And when Alex pushed him it was a push to far so Max reached out and hit Alex on the nose and Ale called out in pain and surprise and fell. Then Isaiah tried to attack him from behind Max turned on him and tripped him and then kicked him on the head all the while Tom was running and then Max felt himself being raised up in the air and he resisted and lashed out until he found out it was Mr. Cleaver. Then he stopped and let himself be carried to the principle’s office but he was unafraid because he met the principle when he got top readers award in 6th grade and got to go to McDonalds’ with him he was a nice guy.
The principle walked in and gave Max a sad look that said sorry
“What happen Max I thought you were a nice boy.”
“What to you mean all I did was stick up for my self and I get in trouble how’s that fair.” Max almost started to yell at the end
“What are you talking about you attacked two very nice boys and now your expelled goodbye.”
“No that is not fair.” But he left anyway and went home and opened the door and immediately stopped. What he saw was his mom and stepdad standing there waiting for him. SMACK and Max fell like a fallen tree and immediately got a kick in the ribs all by Shawn
“You don’t live here any more get out now!” so he left and this like that he was a hobo and instead of feeling sad he was happy the sun looked it was laughing at him but he did not care but then he saw a razor on the ground and not thinking about it he picked it up an put it in his pocket and continued to walk to the park and sat down on one of the two seating benches were he sat listening to the music of birds. But then a cop showed up out of nowhere and said
“You Max”
“I’m sad to inform you that your parents and a neighbor Mrs. Doughtmire is dead all shot in the head by your stepdad who killed himself last please come to the station with me while your aunt comes to get you.”
Max was at the police station waiting for an hour listening to small tidbits the cops were saying and only crying once. Then his aunt came she was a little chubby and not to smart.
And they left after she singed the papers for him and they went and got on a bus the bus driver an old wrinkly man and they sat down on the silver bus until they got home
“I hope you like it here.” She said and they went into the house that looked like castle
“Here is your room come down at five and have dinner” he unpacked then ate dinner, fried chicken, and then went to bed.
Then he woke up at seven, Max was sad. He had no one to talk too so it made it worse. He knew he shouldn’t be alone, not after the other night. So he got up thinking will life ever be right for me, and he started playing games on face book, and then checked his email, empty like always. Then he thought of the razor in his dresser calling, becking to him wanting to be used.
Then he remembered something they never found the gun he had a guess were it was, so he got up taking a wallet in his pocket and left for the eight o’clock bus and when he found it he got on it paying the same bus driver from last time the dollar and when the bus got near the trailers he got off he then went under the trailer and found the gun black and deadly as a lion and tiger mixed and put it up to his head and the birds went quiet as if they knew then
And then he saw mud nothing but mud.

The author's comments:
Authors note
What he did was not right his aunt when she heard the news an hour later had a heart attack and died.

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