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December 14, 2011
By ErinnMarie97 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
ErinnMarie97 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
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Babies are miracles as everyone says. Maybe they are for anyone else but me. She crashed my birthday party. My birthday as in one one else but me. Though my little sister didn't quite understand the meaning of my birthday. I went into my mom's room and crawled into bed with my grandma.

“It's not fair,” I muttered. “Why did she have to be born today?”

“Just think about it Erinn. She's the best birthday present anyone could want,” Grandma said.

Sure, the best present anyone could want if they didnt mind sharing the one day they have to themselves. Call me selfish but a baby is not my idea of a wonderful birthday present. I watched the clock change times for a few minutes before I rolled onto my back.

“I'm hungry,” I suddenly said.

I slid off the bed, making sure not to step on the dog. I pulled the covers back up to the pillows and looked at my grandma. She continued to look at the windows.

“I'm hungry,” I repeated.

“I'm sure mom has some donuts downstars,” Grandma said. “Let's go see.”

I ran down the steps and into the dining room, going throught the Kroger bags. There they were, right in the platic bag. I grabbed thhe donut bags and took them to the kitchen table.

“Marissa!” I yelled. “I'm gonna eat all the donuts.!”

I ripped the bag open and put some on a napkin and happily shoved chocolate covered donuts in my mouth. They made me happy when I'm mad. Chocolate makes everyone happy. Marissa battled me for the chocolate donuts while Eric at all the powdered ones. Grandpa was on the phone with Dad and Grandma was watching TV.

“Okay,” Grandpa said, clicking the end button. “Okay kids. So Dad is coming back here then we'll all go up to the hospital.”

Marissa giggled happily and Eric smiled, I just frowned. I didn't want tot go see this baby. Not long after his call, the garge door opened and Dad walked into the house.

“Hey Jim,” he said to Grandpa. “Did they behave?”

“Of course, though Erinn was a bit...upset.”

“Erinn,” Dad said, walking over to me. “Do you want to go see your little sister?”

“No,” I answered. “I don't want to see her at all.”

Dad shook his head but let me be. Why would I want to go see this baby? She ruined my birthday, all of it.

“Why don't you come anyways?” Grandpa asked. “You might like her after you meet her.”

It wasn't really a choice. I would have to go to the hospital no matter what I say or do. I wouldnt like her no matter what though. No one could make me like her. Dad took Eric out to the car to go get some flowers from Krogers for Mom. Marissa and I rode with Grandma and Grandpa. On the way there, Grandpa was on my side. Why couldn't he just choose?

“So how do you feel about that little twerp being born on your birthday?” Grandpa asked.

“I'm not happy.”

I didn't feel like talking about her. I don't want to talk about her. The less we talk about her, the less she exists. All she does is make me more mad than I already am. Grandpa pulled into a hospital parking spot and turned the engine off.

“Everyone out,” he said.

I took Marissa's hand and followed Grandma into the hospital. She lead us up to Mom's floor and into her room. Dad and Eric didn't make it here yet.

“Mommy!” Marissa yelled, running over to give her a hug.

I walked over to the bin next to Mom's bed and peered in. My little sister laid there, sleeping so peacefully on her back. She looked so sweet and innocent. I quickly turned away. She was anything but sweet and innocent. She was an awful little child. I went to the edge of Mom's bed and sat down.

“Hi Mom,” I muttered.

“Hi sweetie. Happy birthday,” she smiled. “Did you see the baby?”

“Yup.” I mumbled.

“Mommy, what are you gonna name the baby?” Marissa asked.

“Well, Daddy and I like Jaclyn. Do you like Jaclyn, Marissa?” Mom asked.

Marissa smiled, “I like Jaclyn.”

I looked down at my hands. Jaclyn was an okay name.It wasn't anything amazing or special or such.

“Hi Mom!” Eric said. “Look what Dad and I got you.”

“Eric, those are so pretty,” Mom smiled. “Dan, put those on the table over there.”

Eric took at peek at the baby and then sat on the bed, opposite of me. Marissa leaned over the baby and traced her face.

“Mommy, I want to hold the baby.” Marissa said.

Dad took the baby out of the bin and carefully placed her in Marissa's arms, still giving some support to the baby's head. I scooted away, I didnt want to be near her. Dad asked me if I wanted to hold her and I shook my head no. He ingored me and placed her in my arms.

“Dad, I really don't want to.” I said. “Take her back.”

The baby made a whimpering like sound. I looked down at her. She was not cute, she was not cute. The baby opened her little eyes and looked up at me. She was not cute, not cute, not...oh who am I kidding? She's adorable. No Erinn, you're mad at her. She was so cute though. No! Bad thoughts! I will never like this ba...aww, that was the cutest thing ever.

“Erinn, since it's your birthday we decided to let you pick the middle name,” Mom said.

“Any name?” I asked


I could give her any name I want. It could be Nicole, Ashley, Kaylee, anything. I thought for a moment and looked down at the baby, Jaclyn Marie.

“Marie,” I said. “I like Marie.”

“Are you sure Erinn?” Mom asked. “You want to give her the same middle name as you have?”

“Yup,” I answered.

“You want to share your middle name along with your birthday?”

“Yes.” I repeated.

Mom shrugged her shoulders and pulled out the birth certificate from the envelope. She wrote the name down and signed her name on it. Dad went over and signed his name too. Grandma took Jaclyn from me and walked over to the couch.

“How about you and me go get lunch for your birthday?” Dad asked.

I nodded and we said goodbye to everyone before going out to his car. Today turned out to be a bit better than I expected.
Five years later

“Guess what I did today,” Jackie asked with a smile on her face.

“What?” I replied.

“We went to lunch with Casey and she asked if your arm was better.” Jackie said.

I laughed. When I sprained my elbow, the urgent care put me into a splint. It had a green wrap around it and Jackie thought it was cool. So she told Casey all about it. Mom said that Casey was very upset that I was hurt.

“Yup, my arm is all better. See.”

I bent my arm and then extended it to show that my arm was perfectly fine.

“You can tell Casey I'm all better.” I smiled

Jackie nodded and ran off to go play with Marissa and her friend, Brittney. It was hard to believe that I would even hate Jackie, my little baby boo. When we brought her home, I would play and hold her. When she was about a year old, I would help take care of her while Mom went back to work. She's my little baby boo and the best present anyone could ever get. Nine year olds are brats anyways. They aren't grateful for many things, exceptially when a baby sibling is born of your birthday and wrecks your birthday party. She's the sweetest thing though and I couldn't not love her.

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