Real Chess

December 13, 2011
By Rachel Schmidt BRONZE, Broomfield, Colorado
Rachel Schmidt BRONZE, Broomfield, Colorado
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Playing chess is complicated, not fun, and you can only win if you are really good. That's how it feels fighting with a sister. The older sister is playing her pawn and refuses to talk to her younger sister. It is the younger sister's tern, she moves her pawn and tells her parents everything bad her older sister has done. The older sister is furious and she grabs her knight and is ready to fight. She takes her younger sister’s lip gloss and squeezes it all out and puts the tube back. When the younger sister finds the tube she grabs her knight and squeezes all the tooth paste out around her sisters sink. By now the two have forgotten why they originally where mad but they are in the game and they will finish with a winner. After cleaning the sink the older sister grabs her bishop and breaks everything in her little sisters makeup kit. When the little sister finds the broken makeup she grabs her bishop. The little sister then breaks her sister deodorant before her big date and mixes up all of her older sister’s nail polish. The little sister is winning by a long shot. She has her older sister’s pawns, knight, and now her bishop. The little sister grabs her rook and goes for her older sister’s gueen.The older sister brings some of her friends over and the younger sister knows that this time to move her rook. She embarrasses her older sister in front of her friends and almost takes the queen when her older sister grabs her rook and fights back. The older sister starts to make fun of her little sister in front of her friends and takes the little sister’s rook. The little sister plays her last piece the queen. While the older sister talks on the phone with her boyfriend the younger sister unplugs the phone from the wall and losses the call. The older sister calls back and once again the phone call is lost. This is repeated until the older sister gives up talking to him. Again the little sister almost steals the king when the older sister finds out that she was the cause of the phone call problems. The older sister moves her queen with intention to win the game and take her little sister’s king. The older sister goes into her younger sisters room and finds her favorite doll and takes. Check. Now the younger sister has one move to get her king to safety. The younger sister notates the doll missing and goes into her sisters room and demands that she have the doll back. The older sister grabs the doll by the head and threatened to pull if the younger sister does not stop breaking her stuff. The younger sister gets her doll and moves her king to safety. The game is not finished and the older sister is still very close to the younger sister’s king but the little sister knows how she can change that.

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