To Be or Not to Be: Mental That is...

January 23, 2012
By snewell23 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
snewell23 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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“First of all, I am not mental. I am in this stupid place because the court ruled me as psychotic. They say I murdered my entire family. I don’t understand why they would think that. Anyone can tell you how much I loved my family, especially my baby sister, Rebbecca. I adored Rebbecca. She was what I live for. When I came home one night late from work, the house was silent, quite unusual for my family since I have six siblings, all boys except for Rebbecca. I yelled that I was home and nobody answered. I would have thought that they went out, but both the cars were still there. I started looking around and I saw my dad watching TV. I called to him and asked why he didn’t respond. Silence. I went and tapped of his shoulder. Still no response. I pushed him from behind and his head rolled onto the floor. I screamed so loud that the neighbors heard and called the police. I ran upstairs and saw my mother laying in bed, in pieces. Her arms, legs and head were separated from her torso. I ran into my older brothers’ room. They looked like every part of their bodies were cut in half. Then I ran to my younger brothers’ room. Every part of their bodies were cut in threes. Than I realized Rebbecca was also dead. She was cut up and put in a jar. There was a note taped on the jar. It said: HERE LIES REBBECCA. MAY SHE REST IN PIECES. I still don’t understand why it was a joke. It is devastating, not funny. I held the jar and was screaming and crying. The police barged in my house and found me. They took the jar and put it in a bag. Then they took me out of the house and to the police station. I was crying the whole way there. They took me to one of those interview rooms and asked me what happened. I told them every detail. Then they put me in cuffs and said I was scheduled for court the next day. I stayed in a jail cell all night. A lawyer woke me up and told me that he was going to help me. The biggest lie ever. The judge said I was guilty and ruled me as “mentally disturbed” and gave me a one way ticket here,” I told my counselor.

The entire time I was telling my story, all she did was look at me for a couple seconds and took notes on her fancy clipboard or wwhatever. Her name is Dr. Lopez, but I prefer to call her by her first name, Cynthia. Cynthia is really pretty. She is very petite and skinny. Her hair is a chocolate brown color and her skin is tan with a hint of olive coloring to it. This is my first day in the “Psychiatric Ward” and she was assigned as my counselor.

“And how do you feel about that,” She asked. Did she seriously ask me how I feel about my entire family being cut up like meat and being blamed for it? Oh I lost it. I took her clipboard and snapped it in half. I stormed out of the room. She tried to tell me to to come back so she can help me. I just kept walking. Was she for real? I couldn’t believe she asked me that. She is psycho, if anyone. Don’t they teach you not to ask someone who is clearly angry, upset and depressed how they feel? God, the nerve of some people.

I went to the front office to ask where my room is. The lady there was really obnoxious. She talked really slow and loud like I was stupid. This place isn’t for stupid people, just crazy people, like her and Cynthia. She showed me to a really nice room. It was bigger than my old room and had a nice modern theme to it. It was nice until I noticed that there were four beds.

“Who are the other three beds for?” I asked. I already knew the answer though. I have crazy roommates to match this crazy place.

“They are for your roommates, silly! Their names are Serenity, Ginger and Devin. Serenity is schizophrenic; never sit on that chair “Debbie” is always there,” I rolled my eyes. She has got to be kidding. “Ginger thinks that she is from the future. Wwhatever she tells you, don’t believe her. Devin doesn’t talk. We think she is self-conscious of her name being a boy’s name, but again, she doesn’t talk so we don’t know. Have fun!” She turned around and started to leave.

“So where are they,” I managed to ask before she left. The sighed like she didn’t care and turned with a really fake smile on her face.

“They are in class right now. Here at The Psychiatric Ward For Young Adults, we encourage learning even though you are staying here.” She said it like her teeth were glued together. “Let me get you a class sheet.” She basically ran out of the room.

I looked for a spot to put all my stuff. Not on the chair where “Debbie” sits. I just laid it in a corner.

The doorknob started wiggling like someone was going to come in. In walks three girls. One was tall, brunette and really pretty. She went over to the chair and started hugging “Debbie”. I guessed she was Serenity. The other was short and skinny; also really pretty. The last one was tall had large muscles and was very masculine. I guessed she was Devin. The Short, blond one came over to me and introduced herself.

“Hi my name is Virginia, but you can call me Ginger,” she seemed normal and very bubbly. “The one hugging the air is Serenity. And the tall one is Devin. And you must be Alexandra.”

“Please call me Alex. I haven’t been called Alexandra probably know.,” I said freely. Snoddedd as if she understood. I think we will be close friends.

“I don’t think you did that. I couldn’t even imagine losing your family, especially like that. I am really sorry for your loss.” She hugged me. I really don’t like hugs but this one felt nice and was much needed.

“I know. They actually think I killed my own family. They need to be locked up in here,” I said and made a disgusted face at the door. I walked over to the beds and looked at them all. The looked quite uncomfortable. This is going to be a long visit.

The author's comments:
Its not finished yet but i needed opinions on the first couple pages.

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