Pain and Life Lessons

January 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Hurting the one you care about emotionally is the worst thing you can do. It’s almost worse than robbing a bank, stealing shoes, or even murdering someone. It’s unforgettable, it will always be there. And most of the time, it’s unforgivable.

When you hurt someone you care about, it means you’ve pushed part of you’re world away. You push them away because you feel they are to perfect, that they’ll eventually hurt you. You listen to what you’re head is saying instead of you’re heart. You decide to do what other people want instead of what you want. Then life brings you the cross roads. This stage of you’re life is when you have been given the opportunity to contemplate which road you want to walk down.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you are given the cross roads to late. The one you’ve pushed away has decided to let go and move on with their life. It will butcher you’re heart like a person stabbing you to death or dying a painful and slow death. It’ll hurt you for a while and it’ll be all you think about, but life will look up. You will look back and realize you still have your cross roads.

These cross roads will offer you a number of choices. But there are always two standard choices. One of them is to continue walking down the road you’ve been on. The other, is to turn and walk down a different road. You have to decide whether you’re old road is worth continuing or if you want to make a difference in you’re life. It may be a hard decision but you have to make the choice. You must decipher which one will create a better future and what will make you happy. It will be hard and the road you choose may not make you the happiest at that particular moment, but it may be the one that’s going to make you’re future better.

Most of all, you must follow you’re heart and also God because he will never steer you in the wrong direction. And you must remember two things: one is to never settle for less than the best, and when one door closes another one opens.

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