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January 17, 2012
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Stan had lived his whole life loving the sea along side his father. His father was the greatest man he ever knew. He loved the way the sea was so vast and so undiscovered. The way it always felt like it was calling him. His mother had died years earlier so he had no one but his father. His father had taken the roles of not only his father but also his mother. His mother had fallen in love his father because of how much they both loved the sea. His mother was a marine biologist and his father a discoverer who would always find lost sunken treasure.

His father was a man so strong and courageous. Stan couldn’t think of anyway better. His father owned a house on land near the ocean. But they spent most of their time in the sea, where they both loved it.

One morning, Stan and his father had decided to spend their day out in the Pacific Ocean. Stan’s father’s father took him out to a specific spot at the age of 14. Now he was taking his son on the same adventure. His father had told him it was a small but inhabited island.

Stan couldn’t wait to see it for himself. He had waited for this voyage for at least 2 years. Stan and his father sailed the seas for hours. Stan could barley wait to arrive.

“Son, we’ll be arriving there in about an 2 hours.” Stan’s father enlightened him.

An hour later, Stan’s father’s smile turned to a sad frown. He felt a swift change in the wind currents and he say a dark cloud in the far horizon.

“Stan, I feel as if a storm is coming.” Stan’s father eyes were filled with great worry and unease.

Stan knew exactly what he was talking about. His father had taught him every well about the ocean. And looking into his father’s eyes, he knew something was terribly wrong. Jason knew he wasn’t going to see the paradise his father always talked about.

“Stan, we have to get back. We’re changing course. Go switch the sails quickly.” His voice was filled with alarm.

Stan did as he was told. He quickly changed the sail and ran to his father’s side in the cockpit. He franticly watched as his father turned the boat around to head home. As they sailed waves started forming around them. In half an hour the sky had darkened and it was raining. In a matter of minutes the waves were shifting the boat around. Ah hour later the wind had really picked up and it was pouring. Just as Stan’s father sailed toward what looked like light the wind thrashed the sails in a different course.

Stan and his father ran out on the deck to mend it. Stan kept falling and sliding around the deck. Stan’s father found rope and tied him to the pole that held the sail so Stan wouldn’t fall of the boat. Just as Stan’s father fixed the sail a huge wave. Stan’s father had forgotten to secure himself to the pole with his son. This mistake wouldn’t go unpunished.

Stan’s father was thrown of the side of the boat. Stan had to witness his father disappear in front of sad eyes that were weeping rivers.

‘DDDAAAADDDD!!!!” Stan shrieked knowing there was knowing there was absolutely nothing he could do before he passed out.

Stan was later found a few days later by the coast guard still tied to the pole and unconscious. He was then taken to the hospital and nursed back to health. Stan now had no parents and was in a hospital. A day after he was nursed back the coast guard came in and told Stan the news that kept him going all these years, the life boat was missing. Stan believed that his father made if onto the lifeboat and is now lost at sea. At that moment he vowed that he would not stop until he found his father.

Stan was moved to an orphanage where he grew up with many brothers and sisters. Now 10 years later, Stan sits at a diner drinking coffee as he thinks of other places to search for his father. As he thinks of his father he wonders about the paradise his father always mentioned.

Stan quickly stands up knocking his chair over and runs toward the dock to sail his boat to the only place where he hasn’t searched, his father’s paradise….

This will certify that the above work is completely original.

Beruk Alemayehu

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