A Night Under The Stars

January 18, 2012
By S.D.smith BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
S.D.smith BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Chapter one

“We Meet”

The fact that we were moving at first really irritated me. I was leaving all my friends, the hotshot football team, and my girlfriend who just happened to be totally into me. But that didn’t matter I could get another girl in seconds. At that school I was known to be ah ladies man.

It was a long journey to Fire Island. But it was worth the trip and several gallons of gas. The house was twice as big as our old house in Tulsa. Plus it was a beachside home.

In the back seat of the family car I rolled down the window to get a breather. The ocean breeze swept my whole body. That one gust gave me the goose bumps. I took slow steps as I got out through the back door. Standing straight up I stared down the new house taking a deep breath I said to myself, “well ah whole new adventure.”

Aiden my little brother rushed down to the beach. This means mom’s probably going to send me down there to get him. Mom and dad where unloading the U-Haul. I saw mom struggling with a box of china, so I rushed over to her. I gripped the box tight against my chest. Mom gasped with relief. She patted me on the shoulder.

“Thanks Hun.”

I looked down at her. She’s only 5’7.

“You looked like you where about to collapse……you ok mom.”

“Yeah, yeah, just ah’little tired.”


“Dake, when you get that in the kitchen go down to the beach and get your little brother. He known’s he still has to pick his room and unpack.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I walked up the stairs on to the porch. I opened the front door. To my surprise there was a small hall that had a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The hall leads straight to the family room. The family room was huge in comparison to our house in Tulsa. Seeing it made me wonder how much of a raise my dad got from his new job. But of course the family room was completely empty. We didn’t buy a furnished home. I walked into the kitchen. The kitchen was completely let from the sunshine. There’s an island in the kitchen which my mom was dying to have. There are three little white chairs for the island. I placed the box of china on the island. Moms going to love the wide open space for a table. And the hardwood floors. Guess it was somewhat furnished. I sized up the table then took a deep breath. It seemed to be about seven feet.

“Big table.”

I strolled back out the house making my way down to the beach. The area of our new home was extravagant. The green luscious grass leads down to the beach sand. Trees surrounded the house almost completely.

My chest prolonged as I filled my lungs with air. Exhaling I placed my hands in my deep shorts pockets. Another gust of wind from the ocean hit me, shuddering my clothes. Again I got t goose bumps. I yet wasn’t use to St. George’s climate. I decided to remove my sandals as I reached the beach sand. Some people actually like the sensation of warm beach sand between their toes. I was one of those people. I kept both sandals in my right hand as I made my way to Aiden. He was a few feet away from me building a sand castle. That’s when it caught my eyes, a girl sunbathing in a two peace bikini. She was a couple yards away from me. And oh was she a gorgeous site to see. I got that feeling that most teenage boys get when they see that hot high school chick that they know they have no chance with. But this is dissimilar; I don’t consider myself as one of those guys. Matter of fact I know I’m not one of those guys. And I’m also not the category to set there and hide the fact that she is tremendously hot and I want to go out with her. Don’t get me wrong, this girl to me is the variety you only see in movies. The brand that leaves you speechless as she walks down the school hall and when she passes by you everything goes in slow motion. Her hair starts to surge with the air from a high powered fan. She looks at you and blows a kiss. Then your mouth starts to dangle. Or your mouth starts to droop and you drool. Then you stop the negligence and notice that she just walked on by paying attention to you at all. No hair was flowing with the wind, and no kisses blown to you. Just a little comment like, “Stop starring at me you freak.” That’s how I felt about this girl. I kept thinking to myself. Do I even have an opportunity with her? Should I even try to talk to her? Well the only way to find out is to say something. I don’t want to be that guy I just took forever to portray. And not the type who only gets good clarification on how he looks from his mother.

“Aiden stay here, I’ll be back in ah sec.”


Aiden was too occupied with the sand castle care about what I was up to.
Walking over to her I was stopped by some guy who just came out from surfing. He looked to be around my age. He held out his hand as if he wanted me to shake it. Of course I’m going to shake his hand. I’m not that indecorous like most people.
“Hey I’m Blake…….Blake smith, Nice to mee’cha.” He still held out his hand.
I shook his hand, like the polite person I consider myself to be. But after he let go I instantaneously wiped my hand on my shirt. He had an immense smile. He acted as if I knew him from somewhere. It was making me more and more perplexed.
“I’m Dake Shaw…..u,” there was a moment of silence, “do I know you, Blake.” Blake’s smile grew as if he was about to guffaw and express amusement.
“My dad’s the real-estate agent that helped yawl find your beachside home.” he had his mouth to the right side of his face trying to hold back a smile. Was it really that funny? I don’t think so.
“Oh cool.” I really wasn’t paying a great deal of attention to Blake at moment in time. I was still focused on the sun bathing girl. He noticed me looking at her. He looked at me then her then me again.
“Ah Blake, you know that girl over there.” I had to know what she is about. Blake seems like he has lived here for quite some time.
He raised his eye brawls, “yeah that’s Emma winter,” he inhaled some air through his teeth. “Dud if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking I just have one thing to say. I went there, she plays hard to get.” He positioned his hand on my shoulder.
“Well I can try.” I was still confident.
Blake laughed under his breath, As if I didn’t hear him. “Ok man good luck.” Finally ending our peculiar conversation, Blake decided to saunter back up to his house. His was one down from mine.
I continued in the direction of Emma, Putting my hands back in my voluminous shorts pockets. My heart did hammer against my chest a little faster, but I was fine. Finally standing beside her I couldn’t help starring at her tan, slim, smooth, body that glistened in the sunlight. I took two deep breaths.
I finally gained the courage to say something. I never felt like this around a girl something was happening.
“Hey, your Emma winter right.” I thought to myself. How is she about to react?
She removed her sunglasses and looked over at me. Her beautiful brown hair seemed so silky smooth from where I was standing. She had bluish greenish eyes, probably the type that changes color. The type I love. Right know at this very moment her bikini was making her a little more gorgeous to me. Her exquisiteness is very eye-catching. It was magnificence just to look at her fascinating silhouette. She began to open her mouth.
“Yeah you’re the new kid arent’cha.”
“Yep.” She knows me!
“Dake right.”
“Yeah… yo…you know me.” How, I thought to myself.
“Of course, have you met Blake?”
“Yeah why?”
“Well when someone new moves into this area, Blake goes around and tells everyone there’s a new family on our block.”
“Oh…he seems a little weird.”
She laughs. “Tell me about it.”
This is good I’m getting her to laugh.
“Blake may be a goofball but his a pretty smart guy. You should be friends with him.”
“Yeah, that’s probably what’s going to happen.”
“Cool, so what else you came over here for?”
“Just to introduce myself I guess.”
“Really Dake, most boys like you don’t just come strolling over to a girl like me to introduce themselves.”
Wow was she giving me a complement. This conversation was going well.
“I saw you staring at me for a while since you got over here.”
“Oh, so you wanna sho-,” I was cut off by someone from behind me. I turned around. I was flabbergasted to see Blake running toward me as he called my name.
“Ah Dake,” Blake began to breath pretty hard, “you should come out with me and some of my friends tomorrow.”
“Yeah I guess but your inter-,”I was cut off again.
“Cool, tomorrow then.”
When Blake was done talking, I looked back at Emma. She was treading back to her house. I felt so bad, my heart slowed down. I was just about to ask her out. My chance was ruined. Hopefully I’ll see her again.
“We’ll talk later.” I yelled out to her as I waved.
She pitched up her right hand and gave me the thumbs up. Guess that means yes.
“Dud!” I shouted at Blake standing beside me.
“What?” he acted like he didn’t know what he just did.
“You ruined my conversation with Emma.”
“Oh come on, she would have walked off before I opened my mouth.”
“Well I wouldn’t know.”
“Sorry gosh, this isn’t the only time you’ll see her.”
“If you see me talk ‘in to her next time don’t barge right in the conversation.”
He gave the impression to comprehend where I was coming from. Looking back the way Emma was walking. I become aware of an older looking guy. I could barely see him. He had wrinkles on his forehead and shaved facial hair that went all the way to his side burns. He also had those types of eyes that stared straight into your very soul. He had his arms resting on the terrace railing. I looked around the beach to see who else he would be staring at. Then I looked back at him. He pointed straight at me. He must be the real protective type.
“Ah Blake, you know that guy up there.”
It took him a while to notice who was talking about.
“Oh yeah, that’s Emma’s dad.”
“Anyway, he’s a business man know, and a retired MMA fighter. I wouldn’t hurt his daughter’s feelings if I were you.”
I anchored my lips to the right and raised my eyebrows, “I’ve never hurt someone’s feelings to where it caused their dad to chase me around, “I’m not afraid of him.”
Blake’s smile expanded once again as he began to laugh.
“What.” Why does he laugh about things like this?
“Oh please Dake. I bet you wouldn’t say that to his face.”
“Ye…….your probably right.” Had to admit I wouldn’t try that.
“Yeah thought so.”

The author's comments:
my teacher inspired me. she also writes.

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