Face the Truth

January 20, 2012
By Anonymous

“Mark your five foot 6 and as skinny as a twig with long black greasy hair” Zach implied. Mark being how small he is wasn’t going to say or get physical with the jerk at school messing with him. Even though he was popular and had many friends he knew better than to start anything. “Whatever Zach, thank god the bell is going to ring.” As Mark hissed under his breath. “Listen fag...” “Hey! We do not talk like that in this classroom Zach!” Mr.Ason screamed. Mr.Ason was Marks favorite teacher, he taught Algebra, and was also the coach of the Junior Varsity team. “Mark, stay after class for a few minutes okay?” as Mark nodded his head and Zach laughed in his face.

“Listen Mark after school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am going to the weight room. I wanted to know if you’d like to come with. I am going to need you this season and you could use some strength.”. Mark was very slick when it came to fielding the ball and precise on hitting. “Uh, yeah I can I’d just have to ask my mo…” as Mark tried to finish his sentence Mr.Ason implied. “Mark, we both know you are a small kid, not that it’s a bad thing but one day you won’t have a teacher in the classroom and you will have to stand up for yourself.”. Then Mark feeling sorry for himself barely got out “I…I know that sir and I really appreciate you in trying to help me. This season I am going to try really hard for playing time and try to hit better.”. “Mark I am not talking about baseball, I’m talking about bullying and how to stand up to it. Do you understand who I’m talking about?” as he spoke the truth that Mark didn’t want to hear “Zach? He isn’t a bully? He just…”. “Mark face it. Zach is pushing you and you know it. Trust me Mark I will take care of it.” Mark was so relieved yet he knew Zach would get talked to and then Zach would be after him “No its alright really Mr.Ason you don’t have to say anything.”. “Mark It’s not a big deal ill talk...” as he was interrupted by Mark with a now more serious voice. “No! Please don’t say anything he will stop, trust me.” Then Mark thought to himself, wait he will not stop pushing him around. Mark Lens won’t be doing any yelling or pushing of any kind to a bigger kid. “Fine, Mark it’s your choice then.” But Mark knew Mr.Ason would keep an eye on him or just tell anyways.

The next day Mark decided to wear a new shirt he bought prior to the day he talked to Mr.Ason. He loved that shirt and felt confident people will like it.
As Mark walked into algebra Zach busted into a loud laughter and said “Big Sean? He is a terrible rapper! Why would you wear that.” Mark really tried to ignore the laughter but he had to say something and he did. Mark finally gained all the courage his little body had and got directly into Zach’s face and screamed “Zach I am tired of your s***! Either you stop or I am going to really hit you.” By this time Mr.Ason was already pulling Zach away from the scene and made him sit in the high school hallway. Mark felt somewhat good for causing a scene, but a scene that he finally had courage for.

For the next couple of weeks Mark was going to the weight room with his coach for intense training and he felt somewhat good about himself for committing to such workouts. Also he realized that Zach was backing off of him ever since he got into Zach’s face and did something. Zach having a six foot frame 250 pounds on him must have realized Mark was willing to get into trouble rather than be bullied.

Then the bullying continued to stop for a couple of months later and Zach finally said something that got Mark so greatly aggravated “Hey faggot, looks like the weight room isn’t really helping you now is it?”. As Zach whispered into Marks ear. Ever since Mark was going after school with Mr.Ason he had been getting stronger, bigger and faster than he’d ever been. As Mark’s temper was going through the roof he finally stood up. When he stood up Mr.Ason asked if he had a question. But as Mark was staring at his enemy and not tasking an eye off of him. Mr.Ason clearly read understood what Mark was about to do. Mark used all of his strength he had and lifted Zachs desk backwards as Zach crashed to the floor. By now the teens had their cell phones out recording the act. Mark was still so frustrated with Zach and he wasn’t done yet. He got above Zach and started to strike him anywhere he could. Mr.Ason being a young and strong 30 year old man was trying to pull Mark off. But Mark was fighting the pulls of Mr.Asons hands and finally started yelling “Zach I am sick of you pushing me around! I am not your so called “b****” nor am I a punching bag!”. Mark finally being pulled off by about 3 other guy teachers in the building. He wondered, “How long was I beating on him for? I am so happy I with myself!” With all of these good and bad emotions his final one was “I’m in so much trouble.”.

To Be Continued….

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