The Seven Deadly Sins and Life

January 17, 2012
By qwertyasdjkl BRONZE, Paris, Tennessee
qwertyasdjkl BRONZE, Paris, Tennessee
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To quote a song I’ve heard, “We live, we love, we forgive and never give up. The days we are given are gifts from above, and today remember to live and to love.” What is living? Is it having the most money? Is it living on the edge in adrenalin-pumped excitement? Are people who do these things the only ones who truly live their lives? What about the man who is old of age and can barely do more than sit in a chair and idle his time away by watching tv? Is he not living his life? Or has he already lived it? What about the bard who whiles away his time writing meaningless rhymes? Is he not living his life also? If our parents say we are failed, are we truly? Have we not lived our life as best we see fit? Do we have to aspire to our parent’s dreams and ambitions in order to live our lives? The honors student and the drop-out. Is there any real difference between these two as people? They are both intelligent beings that have the ability to choose their own fate. Are destinies real? Do fates watch over us all and tell us what we are going to do? To quote something I’ve read, “We cannot see past the choices we don’t understand.” Is this the sentence that seals fate as being truth? If we cannot see, and are blind, do we let life have its way with us, or do we stand above it and make an understanding out of it? Are people really supposed to fail or succeed at a higher being’s whim? Is any lesser or greater man truly better than the other because he has more to be proud of? Or because he can work harder? Are they not equal as men?
What are the seven sins? Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony. Are they truly sins? Or are they what makes us human? Envy and Greed, are they not good things, sometimes? Without envy and greed, would we not strive to be better than ourselves? Would we not want to work harder in order gain and better ourselves, and be more than we once were, be better than we once were? Without these, how could we ever pursue our passions and dreams? When children form role models, is it not envy that fuels the fire that powers their ability to work in order to gain that which they seek in their role models? Would the lottery, which can raise incredible amounts of money for its sponsors, including charities, ever have been inflamed to what it is now without greed? Lust is a word that strikes many people today as a lecherous thing. But any married couple is a participant of lust, if not in its original form of mind. Lust is one of the most powerful things that has ever been created. Think about what happened to Greece when lust got involved. Lust both creates and destroys. Marriage is founded upon the ethereal relationship of two persons bound to each other in bondages of love. But, love is simply a much weaker version of lust, and that is good that it is, so that it does not carry such a potent affect in people. The two terms are one and the same, the only difference being the strength of attraction. Sloth is very much on the verge of being good and bad. Sometimes, the best thing to do is simply wait, and other times the best thing to do is take action. It is the difference between procrastination and patience, the only difference being the event and the need for action. Sloth is always at war with greed, envy, wrath, and lust. Gluttony can go hand in hand with greed. The need to have more and the need that never has enough matches up perfectly. Pride can definitely be a sin. But it is also that which we cannot do without, which is dignity. These are the same, are they not, when issued to status, emotional strength, physical items, and so on? Wrath is a sin that I can say almost nothing good about. It can be acquired and found in most other sins, especially when pride gets involved. One comes after the other, and so a cycle is born that only ends up badly, and in destruction. It is best that we stay away from wrath, for it is the most dangerous of all sins, and will eventually cause the most destruction. Wrath is what starts wars and fights, and causes a hunger and thirst that cannot be quenched without the loss of the person on the receiving end. The only good thing that can ever come of wrath is that it releases our emotions better than any other sin. Punching bags are made to be destroyed, made to be victims, and victims are what wrath likes most. So, instead of venting our emotions on other people and things, we should use our wrath in a way that it does something to strengthen our body, and prevent negative emotions from welling up. These are the seven deadly sins, and they make us who we are, and what we are.

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my veiws on the seven deadly sins

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