January 16, 2012
By unknown1997 BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
unknown1997 BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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The First Part Last (Simon & Schuster 2003) by Angela Johnson is another book about teen pregnancy except this time there is a twist to it. Usually the mom raises the baby by themselves, while the irresponsible father is absent. In this book you follow the life of a young boy named Bobby and how he goes through the struggles of raising an infant. This story is told in a “then” and “now” chapter sequence. The “then” is the story about Nia’s pregnancy (Boobies girlfriend). The “now” is about bobbies struggle raising the baby Feather.

The story starts when bobby gets the news on his 16th birthday that his girlfriend Nia is pregnant. His whole world turns upside down since having to raise an infant means that he needs to be more responsible, no more goofing off with his friends at Mineo’s pizza restaurant anymore. As you continue deeper into the story that takes place in New York, you read about how bobby avoids putting his daughter Feather to adoption, how he makes big mistakes while raising his baby for example leaving his daughter to the care of nobody. You read about how his life used to be perfect with out having to take care of a baby.

While you read the story you meet new characters like Mary & Fred Bobbies parents, when they receive the news that bobby is going to be a father like the book stated “ my pops just starts to cry”meant that hey were very disappointed. You also meet J.L. And K-boy bobbies best friends since he was little, when they get the news they make a joke “ HEY, Bro, I was just going to make a call for you to 1-800-STUPID.” although that joke hurt him booby they were right. Then you read about Paul Coco Fernandez, Paul is bobbies older brother who is a good role model for Bobby since he has chilkdren of his own and coco is Bobbies neighbor who is more like a grandmother figure to although its not stated in the book.

From my perspective I think the theme of the story is to be a man and step up to your responsibilities in life no matter how big they are. For example in the book Booby does not give Feather up for adoption he keeps her although he has to make many sacrifices for example he didn’t have anytime for himself any more he had to take care of the baby at all times.

Overall The First Part last is a book that you will rarely find portraying nurturing, caring , young man this means it should be treasured as a must read teen pregnancy book.

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