Middle School Heart Throb

January 20, 2012
By Kate_Stanley BRONZE, St. Davids, Pennsylvania
Kate_Stanley BRONZE, St. Davids, Pennsylvania
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I gazed across the room of my algebra class. Three rows over, two seats down sat the love of my life, Jeremy. My mind flurried to last Thursday, debatably the best day of my entire 12 years I had been on this Earth: The day he finally asked me out. It was like my brain was a cassette tape how it played back those fantastic three and a half minutes. I mentally pressed play and joyously reminded myself of the memory.
It had been the end of fourth period and I was walking to lunch how I did every other day, taking a slightly inconvenient path so I could pass Jeremy’s locker. Jeremy had been organizing his binders in alphabetical order as always and I slowed down my steps so he could finish. How perfect it had been that he finished sorting just as I walked past.
“Hey Jeremy!” I started. The conversation needed to start somewhere, right?
“Oh, hey, uh… you.” My heart fluttered; was this a new nickname!? How cute was he.
“So, you goin’ to lunch, huh?” I beamed. Could this really be happening? I thought. Was I finally talking to my future husband after all these months???
Jeremy had looked up at me (he’s kinda a short kid) and nodded cautiously.
“Same! This is great ‘cuz we can walk together!” I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He seemed a little shy and didn’t really respond, so I decided to pick up his slack.
“Whacha doin’ this weekend?” Of course I had already known; he does chess club on Saturday afternoons.
“Uh, nothing.” OMG, was he clearing his schedule for me?
And then it happened.
“What are you doing this weekend?” Jeremy had asked. Jeremy just asked me what I was doing that weekend. My brain felt like it was literally spinning in my skull. He wants’ to know what I’m doing this weekend. He wants’ to go on a date! Eeeek! I had never been so excited in my life. So excited, in fact, that I had forgotten to respond and was currently gaping at him with my mouth hanging open.
“Oh! I don’t have any plans! Thanks for asking!” I made a mental note to tell my mom that we’d have to postpone family bowling night. I continued to gawk at his beautiful face as he stared straight ahead.
He must’ve been really hungry because right when we got to the cafeteria he went straight to the lunch area. I had my bagged lunch so I told him to text me later and waved goodbye (He didn’t make it seem like we were on hugging basis quite yet).

The bell to indicate the end of math class sounded just as the memory had come to a close. My classmates began to file out, including Jeremy. Shoot, I needed to hurry up if I was gonna catch him. He hadn’t been at his locker before lunch recently and, as basically his girlfriend, I needed to make sure that something wasn’t wrong.
“Jer! Wait up Jer!” I shoved my papers into my knapsack and tripped over desks in a hurry to get to the door. Jeremy was talking to his friend Roger and must’ve not heard me. I caught up to the boys and casually bumped into Jeremy’s shoulder.
“Ohh... Hey there!” I put off slyly. Jeremy nodded at me. I loved when he did that. As I looked him up and down, I realized that he was wearing the same navy sweatshirt that was in two of his profile pictures. I was going to compliment it when I noticed that Roger was looking at me and snickering slightly. The poor guy, he probably felt awkward third-wheeling.
“So how ‘bout that math class huh? Total snoozer am I right?” I shouted out of excitement.
The two boys looked at each other and Jer coughed a little under his breath. Aw! Was he getting sick?
That’s probably why he didn’t text me last weekend. Good thing I didn’t bring it up, he shouldn’t have to feel guilty after being in bed all weekend.

Just then, Roger veered off down a separate hall, muttering “good luck, dude” or somthin’. Jeremy probably had some big test next period. I did notice that line of sweat gathering on his forehead; obviously nervous!
Not wanting to psych him out any more then he already was, I let the next few minutes go in silence. It was very romantic.
However, the silence soon seemed to take its toll on my boy Jer, because after the fourth minute passed, he turned and cut me off.
“Look, I don’t really understand what your problem is. I actually have no idea who you are; I don’t even know your name to be honest.” The words flowed out of his mouth like rainbows. He was so dreamy I didn’t even hear what he was saying. It looked as if each of his freckles had been strategically placed in its rightful spot upon his nose. He was perfect!
“Jesus, are you even listening to me?”
“Huh?” I was able to muster out of my love struck brain. If this isn’t cloud nine, I didn’t know what was.
Jer rolled his thick eyebrows and turned away. I sighed. ‘Until tomorrow my love’ was all I thought. ‘Until tomorrow.’

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