Out of Line

January 19, 2012
By MauveMaven GOLD, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
MauveMaven GOLD, Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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In the city I am one amongst millions, elbow to elbow on the sidewalk. My camouflage doesn’t not work to hide me. Its large hood and heavy fabric only confine me as I speed to my destination.
My brother, Shiloh has been caught up by the law. I’m not surprised. I hadn’t seen him in a few days, but sometimes he goes out. Last week Shiloh and I had gotten into a fight, so I’m not too thrilled about seeing him.
Without the blast from the computer’s speakers always playing Shiloh’s newly written songs I could take much needed naps. With Shiloh away I had even found the time to clean the apartment. Though the moment my brother stepped through the door, our apartment wouldn’t be clean for a couple more months. My brother’s fast-paced-life-style makes it so he never has time to pick up after himself. In fact I can’t remember a time my brother didn’t have a new project. Shiloh had tried dancing ballet, soccer, acting, football, modeling, and countless other silly hobbies. Now like a little boy he fiddled with “cars”, he wanted to be a mechanic. I have to agree that this is one of Shiloh’s more practical projects, but Shiloh is not a very practical person. He leaves too many things to chance and often doesn’t think of the future or who his decisions effect. This is often the most interesting thing about him, he takes chances, but I’ve learned life isn’t a gamble. Though he hasn’t always been such a risk taker, when our parent’s were alive Shiloh had been careful to correct his mistakes. When he tested mother’s patience he would make up for it by having my older sister, Alana and me stay out of trouble. And when he said the wrong words and made me cry he would try to fix that to, he would tell me he didn’t mean it. “You’re smart and you’re really cool” he would say before kindly sneaking in an insult. Shiloh didn’t really understand how to fix all the stupid words he’d say, it never occurred to him that he should have just shut up in the first place. So I’ll meet up with one of his friends since they’re picking him up today. It doesn’t matter if I’m late I’ve got the bail money.

The author's comments:
based on my own brother, Dante who is just as benevolent & charismatic as Shiloh; along with my sister & I who balance him out with our blandness.

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