Diary from Hell

January 7, 2012
By snewell23 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
snewell23 SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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"Everyone is weird. There are just some people who like to pretend they're normal" -The Fred Movie
"I love my mother, but the love of my spot is much greater" -The Big Bang Theory

I am Lucifer. Yes the fallen angel, the devil, Satan, the King of Evil. My intention for my wickedness is, yes, to get revenge. I was God's favorite. I was above Micheal and all of the members of the Highest Court. God adored me. He knew I had the power to defeat Micheal and his army, so he made sure I was well liked. He announced to the members of the Highest Court that he was going to have a son, named Jesus. As soon as he said this, I immediately knew what this meant, I was going to be second favorite. I'll admit, I am selfish and greedy, but that was just not going to happen. If I was second I would be equal to that hot-head Micheal. I loved everyone up in Heaven, but Micheal I couldn't stand. All he would do is yell at me when God had left the room. God knew he did. Oh did God know. But he didn't do anything about it. No, he let Micheal go off on me. It was terrible. So that is why I left Heaven. I was angry that God had chosen for me to be second, I was angry that God had let Micheal treat me like dirt because he was jealous, and I was especially Angry becaus God had chosen someone else to love besides that me. I hope he realizes that and he will pay.

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