A letter to you

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear You,

You don't relize, what you've done to me. You've broken my heart, and my soul. I changed myself, I compromized what I believed, just for you.

The day we met, you smiled that come-get-me smile, and I couldn't resist. I was yours. But you weren't mine. You didn't give me everything I gave you.

Because you were with her, while I was with you. I wasn't your number one, even thought you were my whole world. I cut out my friends for you, I ignored my family for you, I hurt myself for you. You couldn't even love me and only me.

But here's the thing You, you're fading from my life. I can close my eyes without seeing your face. I can get dressed in the morning, and actualy wear something nice instead of grungy sweatpants and an old t-shirt. You are not my life, you are not my pain, you are not mine.

I only hope, that you don't break her heart and shatter her soul, like you did mine.

Goddbye you,
Sincerely, me

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