Something to Remember Her By

January 15, 2012
By ihatesouvenirstores GOLD, Galax, Virginia
ihatesouvenirstores GOLD, Galax, Virginia
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What in the world is that? Mary-Kate stood dumb-founded as she looked at the huge, colorful flower that grew so proud and tall in the very spot that Victoria had once stashed all her secrets and special belongings. The spot was hidden in between two roots of a tall oak tree. Mary-Kate and Victoria used to like to pretend they were treasure hunters and look for all sorts of things in the woods between their houses.
A week before Victoria, or Victory as Mary-Kate sometimes called her, moved away from their town, even their state. The girls had been best friends since they were born; only a week apart from each other. They grew up together and knew each other inside and out. They went through all the big things in life together. They went to the beach for the first time together, they learned to ride bikes at the same time, and they even taught each other how to tie shoes. They told each other all their secrets and came to one another for help on anything. They were best friends.
One day Victoria came up to Mary-Kate’s front porch and rang the doorbell. Soon Mary-Kate answered. Victoria started crying. The shocking words came out all mumbled, but Mary-Kate heard enough to know what was going on. Victoria’s parents were getting separated. They both struggled to understand what was happening. Victoria’s parents seemed so happy together except for a few fights every once in a while. The news depressed and surprised them both. They never really talked about it again, except to know what was going to happen. Several weeks passed and soon Victoria’s house was piled up with boxes full of her and her mother’s clothes and other paraphernalia.
Victoria’s father was keeping their house in Bonaparte, Virginia where they lived. Victoria was moving with her mother to Atlanta, Georgia. Victoria’s mother found a job there and they were leaving in one week. The girls had the best week of their lives. They did all the things they had wanted to do before, but held off for another time. When Victoria left it was really sad, but they made it through the move.
Now all that was left was a few things Victoria gave Mary- Kate to keep and this spot where the beautiful flower now grew. Mary-Kate hadn’t come back to the spot because she was too sad to even think about it. Mary-Kate found a big enough rock to sit on and cried. The big, melancholy, hole in her heart got about two times bigger then. She couldn’t keep herself together. At least for now she had this gorgeous wonder to remind her of Victoria. Mary-Kate finally stopped crying after about thirty minutes. She got up, smiled and walked away, now happier than she thought she’d ever feel.
The beautiful, colorful, bright, magical, and fearless flower that stands so tall and proud is now forever a memory for Mary-Kate.

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