Fear and Love

January 15, 2012
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The fear is so intense I can't think. Our boat stops, so we must be on target. My heart pounds ever so harder as I hear the door open. As soon as the door was open I sprinted to the nearest object I could hide behind. Before I can get there, there's a huge explosion just a few feet away. This explosion dazes me, and I cant see nor hear. look about the beach and see only the wake that destruction has left. My body is wrecked with exhaustion and pain. My mind shrouded with thoughts of lost. My spirit broken because i see the blood and body's of my dead comrades. Suddenly, there's a sharp pain in my chest, and I realize i'm siting down with my back against a rock. As if by gravity I reluctantly look down 2 see what had happened. I am mortified to discover a bloody, gaping hole where the bullet had pierced my body. Then i find myself laying on my side, attempting to call for help, only to find I can no longer breath. As I lay in the warm sand in deep agony, I can feel death's cold embrace wash over me. My final seconds have arrived. My last thoughts are of the one I love most at home.

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