The Power of Tez.O!

January 12, 2012
By Max Cantor BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
Max Cantor BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Max Cantor- Celebrity Farmer
Maxwell Newman- Local Hillbilly
Noah Sabath- Kid Who Climbed Ropes
Lewitt- Guy Who Drank To Much Tez.0
Tenenbaum- Drink Salesman
O’hana- Baseball Player
Rosenblooth- Baseball Victim


This play takes place in Adamstown, Maryland on the toughest ropes course in the world in the middle of the day.

Scene 1:

(Tenenbaum is a drink salesman and he is trying to make an awesome new energy drink combined with his favorite things, coke, ice, water, ice pops and his favorite Hebrew letter, Tes)
Tenenbaum – Hi, I am trying to make an energy drink combining my 6 favorite things, coke, ice, water, ice pops, my favorite show Tosh.0 and my favorite Hebrew letter Tes.
Tenenbaum- I am so angry! I should be able to create this drink! I need this invention in order to support my family. This drink is my goal in life and if I can’t figure this out I will be considered a failure. Oh wait, I’ve got the order wrong, it should be blue water, brown coke, red ice pops and I will call it…. Tez.0!! This also will be shiny, soft and very cold; I think/hope that attracts customers. I am just going to let the customers taste it first.

Scene 2:

(Noah is a master rope climber but the only rope course he hasn’t mastered is the one in Adamstown, Md)
Noah - I’m Noah and I am trying to complete the hardest ropes course ever at Camp Shoresh in Adamstown, Md.
Noah - I’ve got this, I can do it, I’ve got what it takes, here we go! (He trips and falls half way up.)
Noah – So close, I will get it next time.
Tenenbaum- Hello would you like some Tez.0?
Noah - What is it?
Tenenbaum - The newest and best energy drink ever!
Noah - Ok I’ll try it…. That was pretty good, thanks, now let’s get this ropes course. (He succeeds)
Noah - Thanks man!

Scene 3:

(O’hana is a star baseball player, who is currently in a very bad slump, and he still has not had his first hit. He has been practicing very hard and this is his golden opportunity. But first, in order to get a chance for that big hit that he needs, he has to walks up to the batters box and starts his stance, trying to get his first hit in baseball.)
O’hana - I can do this, I am the best baseball player out there, and nobody beats me! First I load, putting my weight back, then I drive my body and lastly I explode!
(He swings at a great pitch, misses and throws his bat.)
Rosenblooth- Oww! My foot.
O’hana- Whoops!

Scene 4:

(Maxwell is a hillbilly who is not very smart but he loves the Maryland Terps. One day, he wants to go for a walk but before he can he has to put on his favorite Maryland hat but it goes over his eyes and thinks that he is blind.)
Maxwell - I’m blind, I can’t see!
Tenenbaum - Are you ok?
Maxwell - No I’m a blind man!
Tenenbaum - Try some Tez.0.
Maxwell - Well I’ve got nothing to lose (his head is back as he drinks, his hat then falls off.)
Maxwell - I don’t mean to be weird but that was very cold, refreshing, once it hit my throat, I knew that I could see and now that drink is happily in my stomach.
Maxwell - I can see again thanks creepy guy!

Scene 5:

(O’hana tries walks back to the box saying to him that if he can’t get a hit now then he will quit baseball.)
Tenenbaum- You like unhappy, try some Tez.0.
O’hana - Ok, hopefully this gives me a boost for my big hit! (but he throws his Bat again)
Rosenblooth- Oww, my other foot! (Very loud sound affect as the bat hits Rosenblooths foot.)
O’hana - Whatever!

Scene 6:

(Max, a celebrity farmer, who is known worldwide for his great corn growing skills, thinks about how he can get the corn to grow this year. He isn’t happy because the corn hasn’t grown in 6 months and he is showing off his anger.)
Max- Come on corn! You need to grow! I spent money on you and by the end of the day you need to be as tall as Shaquille O’Neal or else I lose my farm!
Tenenbaum - Hello sir.
Max - Hi, what’s this contraption?
Tenenbaum - It’s the new Tez.0 energy drink.
Ma x- How much does it cost?
Tenenbaum - It’s free.
Max - (His really baggy jeans fall down) Wow, I’ll take one; I should probably pull up my pants now. (He puts it on the corn and the corn immediately goes from one foot tall to twelve feet tall.)
Max - It’s a miracle! Hey guess what? The corn is bigger than Shaq, I just checked!

Scene 7 :

(Lewitt is a young boy, who is filled with energy, but one day, he does not have very much energy for his daily run and before his run, he starts to look for a nice energy drink and he finds some Tez.0)
Lewitt - This looks good. (He drinks it and then he is able to jump over three barrels, runs in a circle for several minutes, although it felt like three hours. Then he did a snow angel for five minutes and then he takes a nap.

Scene 8:

(Tenenbaum is really thirsty from his good deeds so he walks up to his pot of Tez.0 and tries it out.)
Tenenbaum- I wonder what this tastes like….. Eww! (He tried and sprinted over to the bathroom)
And the power of Tez.0 lives on!!

The End

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