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January 12, 2012
By Silentthoughts BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Silentthoughts BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Back in the day when I used to live in Palatine, in what now is a shady part of town. I lived in an apartment with both my parents and my older brother. Very faintly in my mind, as a child I was given my very first pair of shoes that were brand name. They were black hi-top Adidas with white strips. I loved wearing them everywhere I went. I would go outside with them, I would wear them inside the house, and I would even fall asleep with them on. After a year, I came home from school and was given the news that we were moving to the town of Mount Prospect. That day I remember leaving our apartment for good and leaving the first pair of shoes that I loved. Since that day, I have grown from those retro Adidas, not in the sense that I don’t like that style but that my foot got bigger.

Those shoes were a start to a relationship with shoes that would grow from my childhood up until current day. I feel like I was given those shoes for a reason but not a reason that will one day change the world. It’s a feeling that those Adidas made me the shoes junky I am today. And when I talk about shoes, I get in depth with everything. From the shoelaces to the shoes soles, it’s never a simple conversation. It’s usually “Hey, nice shoes! Where’d you get them?” Followed by “How much did they cost” and ending with “Wow what a bargain”. Even though half the time their shoes cost more then a TI- 84 calculator or more then prom tickets. Its kind of ridiculous to see how much shoes cost now a days and how shoes are becoming more and more creative. It all reminds me of the day I got my first pair of brand shoes, the black hi-tops Adidas with white strips.

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