The Beautiful White Dress

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

The roads were filled with crowd humming like bees all around maybe because it was Monday morning and people were in a rush to reach their offices. I was almost running through the busy streets just to reach my school on time. “are you blind…?” shouted a woman whom I pushed unintentionally while running. I just couldn’t see her face as I didn’t care to look behind. Now I became a bit careful as it was time for me to cross the road which had the main signal. It was a difficult task for a 6 yr old girl like me to cross the road. As I was waiting for the signal I was scanning all the shops across the street. They were all beautiful shops with big glass doors. Some candy shops, some dress shops and few were footwear shops but amongst all my favorite was the dress shop as I liked all the pretty dresses hung in there. Those were the dresses which only rich kids could afford to buy. There were many dresses I could see but there was one dress which got my attention in particular though I couldn’t see it properly. As I crossed the road I ran to the shop to see that dress through the big glass door.
Color of vanilla ice-cream and covered with silk all around. Now I could finally see that beautiful white dress and as sunshine felt on the dress I could see the sight of stars shining in the daylight. I knew I was getting late for school but it just didn’t stop me from looking at that white beauty. It was a pleasure to watch the dress. Maybe the shop owner saw me constantly staring at the dress so he came out to make me go. When I asked the price he just gave me an evil laugh. I felt bad but tried again and after listening to the price I got the reason for his laughter. 6000, that’s what he said. It was clear my mother couldn’t afford it for me. I reached school late that day and was punished. While standing outside the class too I couldn’t stop thinking about that silky white dress, that small little bow at the waist seemed more like milk chocolate or sweet. As soon as school got ova I ran to the shop to once again see that dress.
Now it had become a daily routine for me to see that dress while going to school as well as going home. Now even the shop owner didn’t say a word to me for standing there maybe he knew I just didn’t like but completely loved that dress. I had told my mother to buy it for me the very first time I saw it but after listening to the price she refused to. It wasn’t her fault as I was no princess. My mother worked as a maid in two or three houses. When I asked about father she said God and he became best friends and dad is with God now. So I decided to buy that dress for myself. I started saving every penny that my mother gave me to buy chocolates or sweets or anything else. I did it all for my beautiful white dress.
Many days passed by and one day that white dress completely disappeared. I felt like someone hit me really hard on my back. I could do nothing but go into the shop. I was about to cry and all I could say was “my dress… my dress….” The shop owner felt bad too anyone could say that looking in his eyes “A sweet girl same like you came here yesterday and she liked the dress same like you did. Her parents gave me money so I gave it to her dear little girl” said the shopkeeper but all I could hear was GAVE IT TO HER. I was red with furry at the same time crying horribly I didn’t go to school instead came home. Mother tried to ask me the reason but I wouldn’t tell. That night I imagined myself wearing that pretty white dress which now would never be mine…
A year passed by everything had changed. I was 7 year old girl now and my mother told me I was a grown up girl now. But still couldn’t forget my white dress. Many dresses had replaced it since but none was like my white dress. Mother had told me that God gives us everything we truly love all I had to do was a be good girl and pray daily so I daily offered chocolates or sweets to God’s small statue in our house hidden from mother so that neither she nor anyone could eat those chocolates except God himself also I prayed to him for my white dress. But daily I found my chocolates as it is. Why didn’t God eat my chocolates? Am I bad girl? Doesn’t God love me? I thought but didn’t know any answer. Still I never stopped offering him the chocolates.
Then one day my mom returned home early and seemed to be very happy. She said the people she worked for had given her some of their old clothes and that I no more needed to again wear my old rags. I wasn’t that happy because the only dress I loved after my rags was my beautiful white dress. My mom started unpacking the dresses one by one. She took outside a few clothes for and then started giving me some dresses. And that moment I just couldn’t believe my eyes. She handed to me MY beautiful white dress only it was little torn from side and also the bow was no more present but I didn’t care as I always loved and wanted this dress. Did God finally eat all my chocolates? Had I been a very good girl? Again I couldn’t find answers for these questions. When my mother sewed the dress I got to wear it and my happiness knew no bounds. I just couldn’t stop smiling and jumping with joy.
I believed it now that someone is there who listens to your prayers, who cares for you, who gives you things you truly love not sooner maybe later but you get it. Is it God? I really don’t know because my chocolates are still there as it is but there is someone that’s all I know….

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This article has 2 comments.

2rue indian said...
on Feb. 5 2012 at 11:50 am
ohh so datz d reason...... anyways best of luck.....

2rue indian said...
on Feb. 5 2012 at 5:24 am
standing out in croud helps. u need 2 put in sumthing diffrent in this... i mean im nt expert... bt still i wud hv appreciated sumthin diff... itz a straight story u cud hv given sum twists n turns

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