January 12, 2012
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Change seems to be a part of everyone’s life. Some changes we see as good, and some as bad. The change in my life was shocking, but made me stronger and taught me numorous valuable lessons.
It was September 21st, which was my birthday and also four days before I got the shocking news. My aunt took me out to eat for lunch, and we spent the whole afternoon together even though she was feeling kind of sick that day. She’s a very tough individual. After we were done, we went on home to get ready for our family get together at my house, where my mom makes the best squash casserole ever! So after my birthday dinner everyone was loading up to go home, and my aunt didn’t have the energy at all to get up. She wasn’t feeling good at all! So we told her we were going to the hospital, and she told us no she will be fine and that she would just stay the night with us. So she slept on the couch, and we all went to bed. Three days later she had not got any better, so we took her into the hospital. We all thought that everything would be fine, that it was just the flu or something. Then we got the call the next morning that she had hit her knee on an old piece of metal, and it had caused a infection that spread throughout her body and on September 24, she died. It shocked all of us! She was one of the healthiest people I knew. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat in my room all day in shock. I mean I was just with her and she seemed fine a few days ago. I knew that she was in a better place now though with no doubt in my mind.
This tragic change in my life taught me valuable lessons in my life, but one sticks out. You never know when a loved one will die or you so you should take the time that you have with them and make the most of every opportunity.

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