Sapphire Eyes

January 12, 2012
A limp body lay motionless on the ground below. My heart pounds with fear and adrenalin as silence echoes through the alleyways surrounding me. My first accident scene begins to stir thoughts of my new profession. With blood flowing into large puddles in front of me like streams flowing into a tributary, my stomach churns with every swirl. The aroma of the corpse fills the atmosphere and provokes a vomiting sensation in my abdomen. The figure of the lifeless female below was proof that when fate has it out for you, even a professional fighter will lose the fight.

It was once said that, “the eyes are the gateway to the soul.” The ice cold, sapphire eyes of the corpse below me did appear to be that of a gateway, but not to the soul. Kneeling to obtain a closer look of the body showed many bits and pieces to this murder; her frozen-like irises displayed pain and suffering that cannot be described in words. It was immediately concluded that her death was gruesome and that of a vicious male. Only a hardhearted person could even attempt much less take the life of an innocent human being.

Standing back up to my feet, I slowly began to examine the corpse and surroundings. Yellow tape stretched around the area’s perimeter as a barricade; the pale concrete beneath the immobile body made the figure look exceedingly colorless and lifeless. With her right arm attempting to shield her face, the young woman’s innocence in life seemed to beam from her carcass like the sunlight that shined through the clouds in the sky above. The dark alleyways around the crime scene deepened the mystery of this death. Each alley being extremely different, all encountered the same characteristics: hatred and loss. With the conditions given, it was thought that the victim was simply strolling down the alley when the suspect attacked her from behind. With these thoughts streaming through my mind, I began to feel the atmosphere enclosing on me as though it was a trap door opening from under me.

It is difficult to contain emotions when faced with images like these. The pictures of gore and blood flash in your mind repeatedly as if they’re a movie that has no stop button. The key of this job is to be remorseful yet collected. Never let your mental thoughts overwhelm you. Even with the innocence of the young woman, you have to learn to look, observe, and walk away more worried about finding her wretched killer than trying to save something lost among the world.

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