saying goodbye to Katiie

January 12, 2012
By Mariah23 BRONZE, Goshen, Ohio
Mariah23 BRONZE, Goshen, Ohio
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Katie was always a good student, she never got in trouble and she was always at school. One day Katie woke up in severe pain. She had a high fever, a really bad headache, she felt weak and her whole body ached. Katie couldn't get out of bed. This would be the first day in 16 years that she didn't go to school.

The following day her mother took her to the family doctor. The doctor was quite surprised to see Katie. Katie explained what has been going wrong. The doctor had a worried look on his Face, he began to run a lot of tests.

As a few hours past Katie began to get worried. She knew something must have been wrong. The doctor then opened the door very slowly, walking in with a long face, looking a little pale.

"Katie, please take a seat.,” said the doctor.

“What is it?" Katie cries

"Katie, my dear. You have leukemia, blood cancer. I'm sending you to the oncologist."

"Wait! Leukemia cancer? Isn’t that cancer that's in your blood?"

"Katie, baby are you alright?" John, Katie's boyfriend asks.

"Yes, I’m fine I was just daydreaming," Katie convinces him.
She was really thinking about her diagnoses. Katie and john have been together for 11 months. Katie still hasn't told John about having cancer. She is scared it will change things between them but she knows she has to do it soon. A week passes before Katie and john go on a stroll through town.

"John, there’s something you need to know. I'm not really sure how I'm going to say this.,” said Katie.

"What is it?' John asks.

"Well, I,I…" Katie stutters.
"I have leukemia cancer." Katie cries.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" John asks.
"John, you don't understand how hard it is living day by day knowing I'm not going to live. its even harder knowing that one day, I'm going to leave this world, and will no longer be with you. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry about me. Promise me one thing. When my time comes you wont cry, you will remember our memories and smile. Another thing is you will promise me you will be happy in life."

"I promise," John reluctantly agrees.

After that night john and Katie would talk and hangout 24/7. John would always bring her ice cream. About a month later Katie didn’t answer Johns calls or texts. John raced over to her house. Her mother answered the door in tears. John knew that was it, she was gone. John walked into her room; there she laid her eyes closed. This is it no more hugs, kisses, late night talks, or dates. John felt like he had lost his whole world. He never thought he would be able to smile again.
Katie’s funeral was three days later. John never thought he would see Katie this way. She looked pale, sunken in, and very thin. She didn’t look like her self, but in a way she looked peaceful and still beautiful to John. This was the hardest thing john had ever done. Tears started rolling down his face. He didn’t even try to hold them back. John leans over the casket and gives her a kiss on the forehead, he knew this would be the last time. He knew this was goodbye.

The author's comments:
i wrote this story because my bestfriend died of cancer

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