Swagger Lens

January 12, 2012
Bailey Rodgers is sitting in her seventh period class. She hates her gym class. She can’t do anything so she just sits there. She can’t do anything because she is too weak. It’s 1:50. She is thinking to herself that she only has 30 more minutes until she can get out of the prison of Goshen High School. She hates her school. Her life sucks at school.
Bailey Rodgers is a freshman. She is always wearing a white button up shirt with suspenders and a bow tie. She has on her big nerd glasses with her little five-year-old pigtails on the top of her head. Her shoes are humungous and bulky. They are black with silver spikes on them.

Bailey’s family loves her. They are always trying to treat her like she is special to them. After school is over, she runs home and cries in her room. She never comes outside at all unless its for school. Bailey never gets invited to any parties or anything. Her family feels so sorry for her. They wish she could just be happy little kid.

It’s 6:57 on a cold Tuesday. Bailey is at her bus stop. She is just standing there all by herself while everyone one else is in a huddle. They all stand there and laugh at her, especially Brody and Dylan. They are categorized as the “populars.” They get all of the attention. Bailey cries as she looks at the snowy white ground. On her freezing numb face, there is a tear running down her cheek.

At school, Shelby walks over to Bailey. They start talking then all the sudden, Brody walks by. Bailey suddenly looks down. Brody comes up and slams her locker. “Nerd!” he yells. As he walks off, Bailey falls to the ground and pulls out her inhaler. Shelby tries to comfort her. “ Bailey don’t worry about them, they are just doing it for attention.” “ I know Shelby but I’m tired of it,” Bailey whispers.

The loud, old warning bell rings. Everyone is heading to homeroom. Bailey is walking to her class when Dylan walks by. He knocks her books out of her hands. “Loser!” He yells/ Bailey picks up her books and pulls out her inhaler again.

Bailey is at her locker getting ready for lunch. She gets really mad and begins throwing a hissy fit because everyone has gotten to her and she is tired of holding all the anger in. She is pounding on her locker with her fist. There is a big dent in her rusty locker. She starts kicking it, punching it, and she is trying to tear it off. She has tears falling down her face. She had taken off her nerd glasses and puts on her swagger lens. She only got these glasses because they said that they would make your life better than what it is now.

When Bailey had put on her swagger lens, she felt different. She thought that they were just regular glasses that she wears. She thought that they were just cheep glasses to hold her over for now. Her button up fell off and she had a superman shirt on. She lost her suspenders, inhaler and bow tie. Her hair is no longer in pig tails. Her hair is down straight. Instead of her big bulky emo shoes, she has on the gorgeous Suprahs.

Bailey saunters down the hallway while she is on her phone. Brody is walking down the stairs when he sees her. He now sees the beauty in her. She is the type that Brody likes. She has everything that he wants in a girl. He stops and makes sure he smells good. He puts on spray and throws it. He walks down the stairs to talk to her. “ Can I have your number?” Brody asked. “ In your dreams.” Bailey replies. Brody falls to the ground from denial.
Dylan sees Bailey also and tries to flirt with her. Dylan sees beauty for the first time in Bailey. He keeps staring at her. He tries complementing her and she just stands there. Bailey saw him and says “ Back up freak!” Dylan walks away all depressed. Bailey’s life has been way better for her. She is being invited to parties. She has a new best friend that she always hang out with; Annie. She even has a boyfriend; Dosh Joyle. Everyone regrets what they did.

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