Drug Addiction

January 13, 2012
By skippyman123 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
skippyman123 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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Part One

I started doing drugs at my school when I turned 13. I saw my two homies standing in the parking lot at my school and I went over their and I asked them, “What are you guys doing?”

They said, “Don’t tell anyone you saw us doing crack.”

I said, “Okay, but can I try some? “

They said, “Ya, but when you get high you feel funny and you see everything a lot different”.

So I took that first inhale slowly and painful. It hurt like hell and I coughed badly. I took another inhale but it was still painful. When I went back into school everything looked bigger and I saw different shades of colors whenever I looked at anything inside my school. When I went to my first class my teacher said “Why are your eyes so red?”.

I said, “what are you talking about?”

She gave me a mirror and I looked in it and my eyes where blood shot red. After I saw that my eyes where blood shot red, I got called down to the office. I thought I was in trouble. But instead it was a phone call from my dad saying that he was going to pick me up early today, when I am supposed to have my next period for school.

My name is Dominic. I am 18 years old. I have been addicted to crack for 5 years. Everyday I have to smoke some crack. I also sell crack and I'm getting sick of looking over my shoulder every time someone comes and knocks on my door. I live with my girlfriend. We live in Portland Oregon. Twice a week my friends come over and we smoke a lot. Every night I have 10-14 drug deals a night. I have got a gun pointed at me twice and I have got shot at twice but luckily they missed. Whenever I leave my house I always bring my .44 pistol for protection. because after the 2 times I've been shoot at it made me go and buy my .44 for protection. I have got arrested three times for processing of drugs.

My parents want me to stop selling crack and stop smoking crack. For doing crack for five years it is harder then you think to quiet. I have got robbed once when I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. One of my homies that was my next door neighbor called me and told me that someone broke into my house. I told him to go inside and see what they had stole. He called me back and said they took my “TV, PS3 and some of my money.”

Part Two

Its been seven years since I have quit drugs. I threw every single bit of it I had and I also threw my pipe away. My two homies are mad at me for quiting drugs, but I don’t care that their mad at me because its my life not theirs, besides I have new homies now and they want good things for me and they aren’t into drugs or anything.

The reason I quit is because my girlfriend died from drug overdose. When I found her laying on the floor with no pulse it made me think about how much I screwed up my life. I didn’t want to end up like her and die from drug overdoes. I also know that she doesn’t want me do die. So I decided i quit. I feel like a better person and I don’t have to look over my back anymore whenever someone comes and knocks on my door and it feels good and I'm done selling drugs. I finally got a job at Walmart, I'm a cashier, and I like the job very much. I’m so glad I quit drugs and I'm never going to go around or smoke drugs anymore. I am single. I have Two kids. they both are girls and they’re 4 years old and 9 months old. The 4 years old name is Jessica and the 9 month’s old name is Hannah.

My mom and dad are happy for me because I quit doing crack. I get to visit them more often because I moved back to New York and I'm their neighbors of my mom and dad.

I learned that nothing can come closer then family. Drugs are bad because their have been hundreds of deaths from drug overdose. If I saw my 2 girls doing drugs when they get older i would freak out and tell them that drugs can kill you. If they get caught for drug processing of drugs I'm not going to bail the out of jail because it will teach them a lesson about doing drugs and they didn’t listen to me when I told them how bad they are.


The author's comments:
That drugs are bad for you and can kill you.

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Sail_ BRONZE said...
on Jan. 19 2012 at 4:51 pm
Sail_ BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
3 articles 10 photos 196 comments
this was good, and i like the message that you are getting across! i think that you should write this into a long story. like how Dominic got into drugs, what he was going through while he was on the stuff, and how he got off and stuff. there were some mistakes but it was still good!!


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