Lucky Lucy

January 6, 2012
By datrumpeter PLATINUM, Jefferson City, Missouri
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Let me tell you three things.
I loved him first.
I loved him more.
It didn’t matter
Now, I’m not assuming here that I know how a guy’s mind works, but I’m just trying to figure out what happened. So here’s how I say it started.
I saw Wyatt for the first time in January of my senior year. He had started at the beginning of second semester. Like two weeks in to the semester, he was walking through the cafeteria, going to sit with some of the guys on the football team, when a soccer jock tripped him. He started falling, caught himself, slipped on a napkin, and landed perfectly on the bench next to his friend. It was brilliant. I was the first person to laugh, and he looked up and we made eye contact. Let me tell you, he has the most beautiful grey eyes I’ve ever seen. He turned a little red, and turned away. I smiled and went back to the conversation at my table.
Wyatt switched into my art class the next day. I shouldn’t say my art class, but the only Art IV class. He sat with my table, which was really only his friend Garrett, Garrett’s girlfriend Tracey, and me. All the other tables were full, so I got stuck with Garrett and Tracey, and then Wyatt. Right off the bat let me tell you, I am not an amazing artist. I cannot draw people worth s*** and everything else is pretty much mediocre. But I’m pretty da** good at sculpting and making 3D art. So that’s what I’m in the class for. But unfortunately, we have to start with drawing. So I mostly sat there and pretended everyone else didn’t exist. I was drawing a quill pen in an ink well… it was pretty much all I could think of. Anyway, the first day Wyatt came in, Mr. Jayne told me to explain it to him and help him get started. So yeah, I got stuck helping the new kid. I explained it to him, how the shading was really important, but you could draw anything you wanted. He seemed to understand pretty well, so I turned back to mine.
“Could I see yours?” He asked me. I remember distinctly that that really shocked me. He had interest in my mediocre work? I silently slid it over to him. I had spent the past week trying to get the shading on the inkwell just perfect. He examined it for a really long time and then slid his index finger over the inkwell, just not touching the paper. He looked up at me, a slightly awed expression in his stormy grey eyes. “Wow.”
I remember blushing and smiling, a little awed myself that he thought it was good. And then my big mouth opened and I said the stupidest thing I possibly could. “You have gorgeous eyes.”
My face was the color of tomatoes. Of turnips. Of Elmo. Of a fire truck! He smiled and shrugged. “I don’t know. Grey eyes are kind of boring. I like green eyes, myself.” He grinned. And for everyone who wasn’t aware of it, grinning and smiling are different. His grin was crooked and adorable.
Oh, have I mentioned? I have green eyes!
So slowly, he and I became best friends. During that winter, every time we had a snow day, he’d wake me up at nine AM and we’d make snow men and have snowball fights and go sledding. When it warmed up, we would sit outside in my old tree house and draw and talk. He was a really good artist, but his talent was in people. I swear he drew over a hundred pictures of me in that tree. Some of my hair falling into my eyes, others with my mouth open and eyes wide, others yet with my hands gesturing wildly, and my personal favorite, one of me hanging out of the window. It’s basically a picture of my panties riding up over the waistband of my jeans. All of his pictures were done in pencil and the only splash of color that ever appears is my green eyes. He always colors them. We spent three hours in the town’s little art store trying to find the perfect shade. The best drawing he ever did of me was actually made the very last time we hung out in the tree house. I was leaning against the tree itself with one leg drawn up to my chest, staring off into space out the window. There was a breeze blowing my hair back, and he had over emphasized my eyes to make them larger than they actually were, and my lips were curved up in a small smile. He said it was the best drawing he’d ever done, but I think he was bullsh***ing. We had so much fun in that tree house.
But, as I mentioned, that was the last time we were in my tree house. As he was leaving that day, he mentioned that he was going to ask Cassie, a stuck up popular girl, to prom. Here’s probably a good time to mention that by that point, I was head over heels in love with Wyatt, and I kind of thought he might like me too. But apparently not.
Two days after Wyatt asked Cassie and she said yes, I overheard her talking in the bathroom. Cassie didn’t know I was in there.
“Did Wyatt Sean really ask you to prom?” squealed Sarey, Cassie best friend. “He’s so yummy!”
“I know! I really thought he was going to ask his best friend, that chick in psychology, uh… Darcy? Lacey? What’s her name?” Cassie responded.
“Yeah, her. But I’ve been, like, flirting with him for, like, two weeks now. I mean, it is senior prom. You want a hot guy to go with. And I hear Wyatt’s got some serious stamina,” Cassie said with a mean little giggle. I felt a block of ice form in my stomach.
“Do you even like him?” Sarey asked.
“God, no. I just want to tick off Blake. I’ll go to the dance with Wyatt, screw around with him after, and then Blake’ll come crying back to me, like, sorry he ever let me go. If Wyatt’s any good, I’ll keep him around for a while, I guess,” Cassie said. They left the bathroom after that.
I tried to tell Wyatt, but it didn’t go so well. As soon as I said Cassie, he asked me if we could please not talk about that. He said he would be fine with whoever I went with and he’d really appreciate it if I’d respect his choices. So I told Garrett, who said he’d try to convince Wyatt to ditch Cassie, but it was a no go. Finally, to top it all off, Blake, Cassie’s ex-boyfriend, asked me to prom two weeks after Wyatt asked Cassie. He walked up to me in AP biology two weeks before the dance.
“Hey Lucy?”
“Hey Blake. What’s up?”
“Do you have a date for prom yet?”
“Do you want to go with me?”
“I thought that you and Cassie were getting back together or something.” Yeah, I neglected to mention that I’d heard Cassie saying that in the bathroom. Oops.
“No way. She’s not exactly the nicest person in the world, you know?”
“So do you want to?”
“Uh… sure, why not.”
And that is how I got a date to prom. After the whole Cassie conversation with Wyatt, we pretty much stopped hanging out. He was constantly asking if we could do homework together, if I wanted to go do something, if he could come over, if I wanted to come over, but I suddenly had a very busy life. I was walking home the day that Blake asked me when I suddenly found myself on the ground, with Wyatt on top of me.
“What the he**!”
“Well you’ve been avoiding me, so I figured you couldn’t avoid me if I was sitting on top of you,” Wyatt said. And then he sat on my legs. I sat up, propping myself up on my elbows.
“I’m not avoiding you.”
Wyatt gave me a patronizing look. “So I hear that Blake Arnolds asked you to prom. Did you lay into him? Scare him sh**less?”
“Uh… no. I said sure.”
Wyatt stared at me. He stood up, staring down at me. I stood up too, and continued walking. Wyatt walked with me.
“Luce… he’s not-“
“Wyatt you said that you would be fine with whoever I chose to go with.”
“But not Blake! He’s not a good guy, Luce! You should hear how he talks about other girls. It’s disgusting. And you’re going to prom with him! It’s not a dance he wants from you!” Wyatt shouted.
I stopped at the end of my sidewalk. “I’m not a naïve little girl. I know exactly what he wants. That doesn’t mean he’s going to get it. And if he was, that’s not really any of your business. It’s not hurting you. I can do whatever I want with whomever I want.” I turned and walked to my front door.
“But Lucy, it is hurting me!”
I paused. “Have a good time at prom with Cassie.” And then I went inside. Wyatt stood outside my house for a good ten minutes, but when he finally left, I whispered to the door, “If it hurts you so much, you should have asked me yourself.”
The plans for prom were relatively simple. Blake and I hung out a little the week before the dance, and he actually turned out to be a nice guy. A little snobby, but overall nice. I got to say it; I looked hot in my dress. The green was the exact color of my eyes, and the cut really made me look awesome. The look on Blake’s face when he saw me made me think that he agreed. We had fun at dinner, and took some pictures with our younger siblings before the actual dance. He parked in the farthest spot from the door and we took our time walking in. In the parking lot, he pulled me under a tree and kissed me for the first time. He kissed me once, on the lips, mouth closed. And then we went in to the dance.
We drew eyes. Blake’s a very attractive guy. He’s a tall Filipino boy, and my light brown hair and green eyes really looked good next to him. We got lots of cute couple comments. But here’s the best part. I had fun with him. We liked the same type of songs and knew all the words. We danced and partied. When the song ‘Single Ladies’ came on, I did the dance, and when I put my hand up, he grabbed it and kissed me and said “Nice try.” It was kind of sweet.
And then I finally saw Wyatt. It was during a slow song, a song I’d always loved and Wyatt thought was stupid. ‘Your Guardian Angel’ by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I was dancing with Blake, who was whispering the words in my ear. I was giggling because he kept making silly changes, like “I’ll stand up with you for liver!” I glanced over his shoulder and saw Wyatt watching us over Cassie’s head. Cassie was wearing a very pretty (and very revealing) red dress. When Wyatt caught me looking, he turned a red to match his date’s dress and looked away.
And like any prom, we had Prom King and Queen. However, at my school, you don’t elect them separately. You pick couples. I honestly expected Blake and Cassie to win, which would create an awkward little moment for Wyatt and me.
“Wyatt Sean and Lucy Harrison!”
Yeah. That really happened. Blake laughed and pushed me up to the front. Wyatt and I stood awkwardly next to each other as the MC placed the cheap plastic crowns on our heads. I was vividly aware of how badly we clashed- my deep green and his blood red. Everyone who hadn’t known before that we didn’t come together knew instantly.
The song they played for the King and Queen dance? ‘Fall for You’ by Secondhand Serenade. Seriously? Really, DJ? Wyatt placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close. I put my arms around his neck. “You look très belle ce soir, Lucy.” Wyatt’s French made me melt. I’d opted for Greek, but over the spring, Wyatt had taught me enough to know exactly what he’d said. I blushed and mumbled thanks. Everyone else had started dancing too, but there were still plenty of people to stare at us.
“So you’re never going to talk to me again?” Wyatt said as the song sang the last line “’Cause a girl like you’s impossible to find… you’re impossible to find.”
The song ended and I withdrew my arms. “I better go find my date.” Wyatt’s hands stayed on my hips.
“Let go, Wyatt.”
“I need to go.”
I grabbed his left hand and pulled it off my hip, and turned to run away. He grabbed my left hand, but my hand slipped out of his grasp and I ran. I finally found Blake with a bunch of the other soccer jocks. He saw me and called my name. I slipped under his outstretched arm.
“What happened to your crown!” Blake asked. I looked up at him. Somehow, in one song, he’d found some booze. I could smell it on his breath.
“It must have fallen off in the crowd,” I said. I hadn’t even noticed it missing. It must have slipped off when I was fleeing Wyatt.
“Are you ready to go party?”
“Sure, let’s get out of here.” I was relieved to get out of the hall and away from Wyatt. However, my brain wasn’t working, so it didn’t really click that Wyatt, as Cassie’s date, would be at Cassie’s after party.
To be completely honest with you, I had more than a few drinks. Every time I saw Wyatt, I took a huge drink from the beer that Blake kept full for me. Wyatt always seemed to be around. So yeah, I was a little more than tipsy.
The next thing I coherently remember is kissing Blake in the dark, the sounds of the party distant and muffled. It wasn’t any of that sweet kissing from earlier. This was full on drunken man lust. He started to take my clothes off, and that’s when a bit of the fog around my mind cleared. I stopped him.
“C’mon Luce, don’t pretend you don’t want to,” Blake mumbled, kissing my collarbone. He rolled over on top of me. I pushed him off and somehow got out of there. I stumbled from room to room until I felt someone grab me. Survival instinct shot through me, and I turned and slapped my assailant.
“Lucy. Stop. You’re drunk. Come with me.” He pulled me away from the party and it dawned on me- Wyatt had to be completely sober. There was no alcohol on his breath, and he was calm and steady, pulling me through the crowd and out the front door to his car.
“Nu-uh!” I protested, trying to stumble away from him. I was Blake searching through the crowd, and deciding staying with Wyatt might actually be a good idea.
“Lucy, how many times have you actually gotten drunk?” Wyatt asked me patiently. He walked me down the street and kept a firm hold on me, to keep me from ending up on my a**.
I furrowed my brow and thought. There was New Year’s Eve- I held up one finger- Christmas Eve- I held up another- my brother’s birthday- three fingers now- and then my eighteenth birthday- so I held up a fourth. Then I stared at my hands and said, “Eight. Definitely eight times.” Wyatt looked from my fingers to my very serious face and just started laughing. He buckled me into the passenger seat of his car and, still laughing, said, “You need coffee.”

I liked her from day one.
It took her two weeks to notice me.
She still doesn’t see me.
I switched schools in January that year. The first day I walked in, I saw a girl, her head tipped back laughing. She was beautiful. She had the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Let me tell you, I had three classes with this girl but she never once noticed my existence until the day of my great fall at lunch. The soccer jocks were giving me cr** because I’d chosen to join the football team, so they tripped me at lunch. Normally, I’m not that clumsy, but I was really tired. Still, I managed a great landing right next to Garrett.
And then I’d heard that laugh. The laugh I’d walked into the school to. I looked up, immediately making eye contact with those green eyes. I felt my cheeks go red. She probably thought I was an idiot for tripping. I looked away.
My new school finally got my schedule in order, two weeks after I got there, and I was put into art class. I’m pretty good at art, so I was glad of that. I get in the art room that first day, and I notice the only open table has Garrett, Trace, and the green eyed girl. I still hadn’t learned her name. Every time I asked Garrett, he just laughed.
And then the teacher assigned her- Lucy- to teach me. She gave me the basics, not looking at me, and then turned away. I asked to see her drawing. She blushed and showed me. Let me say, I was shocked. I cannot draw inanimate objects. Hers seemed so real. It was one of those feather pens in a bottle of ink. It was so good, and so I told her. She turned even redder. And then she said the most shocking thing.
“You have gorgeous eyes.” Her face was so red. It was really cute. I’m not really all that cocky, so I was kind of shocked to hear her say that. She thought I had cool eyes? Had she even seen her own? They were amazing. So I told her that. “I don’t know. Grey eyes are kind of boring. I like green eyes, myself.” I grinned at her. Her eyes got really bright. Wow.
Lucy and I hung out a lot after that. My dad owns the snow plowing company around here, so every snow day, I’d have him drop me at her house when he plowed her street. She was the kind of girl that didn’t mind to act like a little kid and was so much fun because of it.
I remember the first warm day of the year; Lucy and I were at her house, lying in the grass in her front yard. I looked over at her and immediately got the urge to draw her.
“Lucy! Do you have paper and a pencil?”

She sat up and gave me a weird look. “Inside.”
“Never mind, I have some in my car.” I ran to my car and got the stuff out of the backseat. Lucy was still in the same spot. “Lie back down!” She obediently did. “Now stay still.” She actually did. I spent the next half hour drawing Lucy. I was really frustrated with it because it wasn’t turning out right at all. I couldn’t seem to catch Lucy. Finally, I threw the paper down in the grass, extremely irritated.
She picked it up and stared at it. Her green eyes widened. “This isn’t me.”
“I know. It’s not any good. I tried but-“
“No. It’s amazing. This girl… she’s way too pretty to be me.”
I rolled my eyes. “Shut up Lucy.”
As if it wasn’t already obvious to everyone but Lucy, I had fallen for her. Big time. I couldn’t get her off my mind. I had never really fallen for a girl before, so it was really weird to me. But a good weird. Lucy didn’t notice at all. We did everything together. I always wanted to be with her. But a month before prom, I was trying to muster up the courage to ask Luce when Garrett ran up to me.
“You can’t ask Lucy to prom.”
“Tracey overheard Lucy and Megan Myers talking. Megan said she heard that you were going to ask Lucy and Lucy said you’d never ask her and she couldn’t go with you if you did because you were her best friend.”
I deflated. I had been put in the friend zone. Three days later, Lucy and I were in her tree house and I drew the best picture I have ever done. I captured Lucy. When I was leaving, I mentioned I was going to ask Cassie Lute to prom. Why Cassie, you ask? Because she was a stuck up, pretentious b****. And I knew that if any girl would make Lucy jealous, it would be Cassie.
But then Lucy started avoiding me. She stopped answering texts, avoided me in the hallways, and was always too busy to hang out with me. My plan backfired. Lucy probably didn’t want to be friends with the type of guy that dated Cassie! And then Lucy came to me, telling me about something she’d overheard from Cassie.
I knew why Cassie said yes to me. A lot of rumors had followed me from my old school, and although I’m not the party boy anymore, everyone expects me to be. Cassie’s a sl**. I knew exactly why Cassie wanted to go with me.
But I told Lucy that I would respect whoever she chose to go with. I wish I hadn’t. Blake Arnolds… The guy hated me. He was captain of the soccer team and basically a jerk. He bragged about whatever girl he’d cheated on Cassie with almost every day. I bet he had screwed over half of the senior girls and a good portion of the juniors too. And when he heard I’d asked Cassie to prom….
“I heard you asked my girlfriend to prom.”
“She told me she broke up with you.”
“I broke up with her.” Blake was an arrogant a**. Then he got a really mean look in his eye. “Aren’t you friends with that Lucy chick? The girl no one’s managed yet?”
“Lucy Harrison.” I ground my teeth. I wanted to hit him for talking about Lucy like an object. Lucy had told me once about her experience with guys at this school. She was beautiful, so every guy wanted her. As in wanted to use her. But she was smarter than that. She had messed up once though. At her brother’s twenty first birthday party, she got drunk for the first time, and some trashed frat boy had taken advantage of her. She really regretted it.
“Yeah her. Is she still a virgin?”
Here was where I screwed up. I didn’t know what to say. But I remembered Blake bragging about how much fun virgins were, so I went honest. “No.” The evil smile on Blake’s face made me realize there wasn’t a good answer to that question.
“Awesome.” And Blake was gone. The next thing I hear, he’s asked Lucy to prom. I figured that Lucy would have shot him down, and that she was still avoiding me. So I tackled her on the way home from school.
She wasn’t happy with me. I didn’t know why, but she was so angry with me. And then Lucy told me that she said yes to Blake! That hurt. That hurt a lot. I let her up, and followed her home.
“But Lucy, it is hurting me!”
I shouldn’t have said that. The look in her green eyes when I did made me realize it was the worst possible thing to say. I stood outside her house, desperately trying to think of something to say. But there was nothing. If I hadn’t asked Cassie, we wouldn’t be in this mess. It was all my fault.
I found out something about Cassie the day of the prom. She was a very touchy feely kind of girl- literally. We got to the dance pretty early, mainly because I didn’t feel like sitting in the car and making out with her. Around nine, they were closing the doors, and I still hadn’t seen Lucy. But then again, I hadn’t seen much through the red haze of Cassie around me.
I saw her running in with Blake at the last minute. My jaw dropped. Thankfully, Cassie had turned to talk to one of her friends and didn’t see it. The green dress… Whoa. It made her green eyes just pop. And she looked… Just wow. I mean… Wow. She and Blake spent the whole night on the dance floor. She looked like she was having a great time. My plan to make her jealous just made me jealous.
Ugh. Your Guardian Angel. The song is freaking stupid. I’d never liked it, but I knew Lucy loved it. So I started looking around for her over Cassie’s head. Those huge green eyes…. I could tell from even so far away that Blake was making her laugh. He was holding her close like I wanted to.
Cassie had said that the King and Queen votes were rigged. When they called my name with Lucy’s, Cassie seemed positive. I looked over and saw the look of panic on Lucy’s face. Blake pushed her up to the front and I met her. Finally I got to hold her in my arms.
I wracked my brain for something to say. But after four years of French, I’m afraid she may not have understood what I wanted to say. “You look très belle ce soir, Lucy.” You look very beautiful tonight, Lucy. She wouldn’t even look at me.
“So you’re never going to talk to me again?” I asked as the song sang, “’Cause a girl like you’s impossible to find, you’re impossible to find…’ Secondhand Serenade, you have no idea.
“I better go find my date.” I didn’t let her go. I got the horrible feeling that if I let her go now, I would be letting her go for good.
“Let go, Wyatt.”
“I need to go.”
“Lucy.” She wouldn’t even look at me. And then she tore my hand off of her hip and ran. She ran through the crowd. I reached after her but only managed to catch her crown as it fell off her curls.
“Let’s go.” Cassie came up behind me. We headed to her house, followed by the majority of the senior class. The party was ridiculous. I’m not a big fan of parties like that anymore.
I know Lucy. And I know that when she’s upset, she purposely does stupid things, like hurting herself would be her revenge at whomever she’s mad at. So I watched her. I knew Cassie expected me to be all over her, but she got drunk quickly and then stopped caring. Lucy was getting drunk too. And that’s what scared me. I watched as Blake kept pushing more booze on her. She was constantly drinking. And then… she was gone.
I searched the party but I couldn’t find her anywhere. And then I heard some random juniors…
“Did you see that!?” Junior #1
“What?!” Junior #2
“Blake Arnolds!” Junior #3
“Where?!” Junior #2
“Over there!” Junior #1 points in abstract direction.
“Oooo who is that?!” Junior #3
“Lucy Harrison. I’d give anything to be her right now!” Junior #1
I turned in the direction she was pointing and watch Blake and Lucy making out, Blake leading her into an empty room. My stomach fell. I went in that direction, my fists clenching. But then Garrett grabbed me and shook his head. I stood across the room and stared stonily at the closed door instead.
Not three minutes later, Lucy comes tearing out of that room. I followed her through the house until I finally caught up to her. I grabbed her shoulder and she turned and slapped me. That hurt.
“Lucy. Stop. You’re drunk. Come with me.” I pulled her away from the party, relieved that I was completely sober.
“Nu-uh!” She protested, trying to stumble away from me. I saw Blake searching for her through the crowd and got her out of there.
“Lucy, how many times have you actually gotten drunk?” I asked her patiently. I walked her down the street and kept a firm hold on her, positive she’d be on the ground otherwise.
She furrowed her brow and slowly held up one finger, then another, then another, and then a fourth. She stared at her hands and said, “Eight. Definitely eight times.” I looked from her fingers to her very serious face and just started laughing. I opened my passenger side door, got Luce in the car, and buckled her up. I walked around to my side and started the car, saying, “You need coffee.”
“Hey… Hey Wyatt… Hey… Wyatt… Guess… Hey… Guess what?!” Lucy said. She kneeled on her seat and looked at me with those big green eyes and the goofiest grin.
She’s so trashed.
“Wyatttttttt,” She got right up next to me and cupped her hands around my ear and whispered into it. “I have a secrettttt!”
“Lucy…” I couldn’t help but laugh at her.
“Shush. I’m telling you my secret.”
I mimed zipping my lips shut and pulled into my driveway. I stopped the car and turned to Lucy.
“You know why I said yes to Blake?” Lucy started stroking the side of my face. I probably should have gotten her out of that party earlier. I got up and went around to her side and helped her inside. I sat her down in the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot.
“Because I wanted to make you jelly,” Lucy started giggling and couldn’t stop.
“Lucy, in understandable English, I want you to write down what you’re trying to tell me.” I slid a piece of paper and a pencil over to her. She continued giggling and wrote down something, hiding what it said. When she finished, she folded it up and handed it to me.
“No peeking!” She insisted. I sighed and nodded.
Lucy tried to stand up, but ended up falling over and curling up on the floor. “I’m tired. Night, night.” Shaking my head, I picked her up from the floor and carried her upstairs. I put her in my bed, pulled the sheets around her and grinned. She was already out. I went downstairs and lay down on the couch. I was asleep in minutes.
Lucy woke me up the next morning around noon. She lay down next to me on the couch, groaned and said, “Please tell me you have Advil.”
“Oh, Luce…” I sat up, popped my back, and went into the kitchen, Lucy trailing groggily behind. I poured her a cup of fresh coffee and got her some Advil from the cabinet. She grimaced.
“Remind me to never get that drunk again.”
“Happily.” I let her sit there and nurse the coffee for a long time before I broached the topic of that folded piece of paper next to her. “Lucy…”
“Do you remember what that piece of paper is?” Lucy picked up the sheet and read it, her green eyes widening. She looked up at me. “Did you read this?”
“No. You wouldn’t let me.”
“Not the way it works, Luce.” And reaching over, I plucked the paper from her hands.
“No, Wyatt!”
“Dear Wyatt…. Hehe…
Blake’s not nice….
But…. I only went with him to make you jealous!!!!!
Cuz I have most definitely liked you for a really really really really long time and its not fair cuz you don’t like me and you like Cassie and im in love with you but I cant tell you so yes…
my head feels fuzzy.
Do you havea cat?
P.S. Did you know that LSD stands for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?!
I wanna fly!”
“I should go.” Lucy got up and turned for the door, tripping as she went.
“No! Lucy! Is this true?”
“Lucy Harrison.” I turned her around to face me, putting my hands on her shoulders. “The first day I came to our school, I walked into the building to the most obnoxious, but charming, laugh I had ever heard. And I’ve been in love with the girl that was laughing since.” And those green, green eyes widened.
1. I liked her from day one.
2. It took her two weeks to notice me.
3. She still doesn’t see me.
4. I was wrong.

I can’t believe I wrote that note. But then again, I don’t remember anything from last night after Wyatt pulled me from the party. Drinking was probably the stupidest thing I could have possibly done.

“I should go.” I got up and turned for the door, tripping as I went. It wasn’t the alcohol this time. It was the shock that I’d do something that stupid.
“No! Lucy! Is this true?”
“Lucy Harrison.” He grabbed me and made my look at him. “The first day I came to our school, I walked into the building to the most obnoxious, but charming, laugh I had ever heard. And I’ve been in love with the girl that was laughing since.” And he smiled the kindest smile.
“Me…?” I whispered, unable to believe it.
“Like there was ever anyone else.”
1. I loved him first.
2. I loved him more.
3. It didn’t matter
4. I was wrong.

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