Glasses: another boredom piece

January 6, 2012
By TalkingFish GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
TalkingFish GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Put a bird on it! :D

Michael strained his eyes to see what his teacher, Mrs. Lucas, was writing on the board. He had convinced his mother that he was fine, he wouldn't need glasses, but unfortunately that was not true. His vision sucked. Narrowing his eyes, he leaned forward and concentrated hard on making out the words in the front of the room. Why did they have to get new seats? More importantly, why did he have to be so far in the back? A girl next to him named Lily chuckled at the faces Mike was producing, causing his face to flush red. He was in 4th grade! He shouldn't be so concerned with the board, let alone his vision. He was no old man. So there Michael sat, daydreaming fantastical tales, when Mrs. Lucas called on him. Of all people! He stared at her, and stuttering, said "What was the question?" As the entire class burst into laughter, Mike decided he would ask for glasses.

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Ladidadida I got bored.

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