Moment Of a Lifetime

January 9, 2012
“In out, in out, just breathe,” I tell myself. It’s me alone standing here on the white penalty line. I’m a nobody, no one knows who I am, and quite frankly I don’t think anyone cares, and yet they are all cheering for me.
“Go Sarah, go Sarah,” the ringing in my ears from the crowd just won’t go away. I look up in the crowd looking for some sign of hope that my dad could have made it to my game. He had only arrived a day ago from business in Washington. I was still hopeful that his flight would have gotten cancelled. It was useless nothing but the memory of him was there.
I look down at the ball beneath my feet, this is it this is the moment I could be more than just a “nobody”. I could be the girl that won the state championship for her small North Carolina school of Cape Carteret, high School. The ball was my future and how the rest of my life will be from this moment on. I look up at the scoreboard, home 4, visitors 4, with only 30 seconds left in the game. I wanted so badly to be the girl everyone knew and wanted to be friends with, the girl that had the jock boyfriend and the popular life. I backed up readying myself for the biggest chance I would ever take in my whole life.
With one last look at the crowd and him, the boy I wanted so badly to impress. A deep breathe and let it go; “boom”.
It was now out of my hands, my future and everything flying and spinning through the air moving towards the goal. With my luck the keeper would surely save it. Then something amazing happens, she went the total opposite direction of the ball. I watch in astonishment as it hits the net with a “swish”. My knees become weak I can no longer stand up; every emotion running through my veins. I begin to cry, I hear the crowd screaming like I have never heard in my life.
I couldn’t stand up and face the crowd, afraid of waking up from this dream I was having. Then with a stroke of my cheek I feel the wet, cool tears of mine on my hand. It isn’t a dream it really happened, then I’m not alone people are there around me; my whole team hugging my at once. I felt like my life was going to be better, I was no longer the nobody. As I walk off the field everyone is congratulating me, but none of them matter as I look over to that spot in the stands were he was sitting, he wasn’t there. I drop my head, “I should have known he could never like me.” When suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn and there he is with the biggest smile I have ever seen.
“Great shot Sarah,” as he picks me up and holds me in his arms. I was now known as the girl that everyone knew; the one that won the game and had all of her dreams come true.

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