How to Have Fun at the Movies

January 8, 2012
By popekp740 BRONZE, Schaumburg, Illinois
popekp740 BRONZE, Schaumburg, Illinois
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We have all gone to the movies before, expecting to see a great production, and the movie turned out to be really bad. The next time you go to the movies and are just not enjoying yourself with your movie selection, here are a few tips on how to still have some fun and get your money’s worth. Instead of watching that horrendous show, you could provide your own entertainment, and what better entertainment is there then aggravating the audience? Just make sure you bring some friends, study the background of the movie by watching all the trailers and reading the spoilers, and sit at the very back of the theatre.

Buy lots of food.
Whenever you see a movie, it is necessary for you to buy lots of food. The best type of food to bring to a movie is to sneak in some food from a nearby restaurant. With bringing in your own food, you are at least guaranteed a good meal while seeing the movie. Even if the movie is really bad, you have something to munch on for the entire time. By bringing food from outside, it also increases the sense of adventure, the idea of getting caught thrilling, which automatically makes the experience better. Another important reason why you should bring food to the theatre is to annoy the people around you. With food at the theatre, you not only have dinner while enjoying the show, but also, the food can be the show. To do this, you must bring best, loudest foods, which are popcorn and a soda. Popcorn can be really useful if used at the opportune moment. Whenever there is a dramatic pause in the movie or a prolonged silence, you should immediately start munching on your popcorn or take a huge, loud slurp of your soda. The reactions you will see are astounding! Since food is allowed into the theaters, people will not be able to ask you to stop eating, though that will not keep them from sighing in frustration, shaking their heads, or glaring at you.

Talk to the people in front/around of you
From the immediate moment that you lose interest in the movie, start talking to your friends. Talk about boring, uneventful subjects, nothing that would be interesting to the audience in the theatre. You must make sure you do this as soon as possible, because longer you take to start the conversation, the less people will be bothered by it on account them also losing interest in the movie. To fully utilize the annoyance of talking in the movie theatre, you must strike early on.

Throw food at each other
When you run out of conversations, the next natural think to do is to start mayhem. This is another reason why you should bring food to the theatre. To create a lot of noise and chaos, start throwing popcorn at your friends. This will not only create noise, but if you nerve and throw it at people, it will anger them that you are throwing things at them. Even better then throwing popcorn is throwing ice. When you finish your soda, you have the perfect ammo to throw at people. Throwing food at people is the main reason why you should sit in the back of the movie theatre. Not only do the people have a hard time to find out who is actually throwing the food, but they also would have a hard time to retaliate.

Criticize everything; make the movie annoying to other people. Start with the actors first – what other movies they have played in, who are they currently dating, whether they are good actors or not, etc. With talking about the actors’ real lives, the characters in the movie become less realistic, making the movie less believable. Afterwards, comment on stupid lines in the movie and make fun of sappy scenes. This will make the movie look more ridiculous to the audience and ruin the rational view of the audience. A major plus is if you know many spoilers about the movie. By naming random facts that will happen in the movie, the suspense will be eliminated from the movie. For example, when seeing the new Harry Potter movie, scream out all the names of the people that are going to die. If you do not know all of the spoilers, keep on predicting what is going to happen, even if it seems farfetched. This strategy is best when watching an action, mystery or horror movie. It is very important that you know at least a few facts early on in the movie so that if you do not know the ending and make a guess on the resolution, the people around you believe that you know the actual ending, and think that they already know the ending. This will make the audience frustrated, and not able to enjoy the climax of the movie.

Keep your cell phone on
When everything else fails to infuriate the people in the theatre, you can always count on your cell phone to do the job. Just by turning on your cell phone you agitate the people around you because of the light shining off of your phone. To further disturb the audience, text your friends in the theatre. This will not only multiply the noise made, but also the light shone.

Leave Constantly
The last thing you can do to completely exasperate your audience is to frequently get up and leave. This method works best if you sit in the middle of the row, then the people in your row need to get up; and in addition, you block the screen for the people constantly. You can use excuses such as going to the bathroom, getting more food, throwing out trash, etc.
With these few tips, you will be able to have a great time at the movies, regardless of whether or not you actually watch the movie. The last piece of advice I will give you is: at the end of the movie, run. You don’t want to get attacked by an angry mob at the end of the show! Because the movie theatre is so dark, the people will not recognize you if you are mixed with a crowd, so right when the credits start, run to the bathroom and get mingled in the crowd. Remember to follow these rules the next time you’re watching a movie, and you’ll have fun for sure!

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