December 14, 2011
By j1213 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
j1213 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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Ahhhhhh!, exclaimed Chester, as he sprung to life after witnessing a horrific sight. The clock that everyday wakes him up at 7 A.M for work now reads 9:07 which is already seven minutes past the time to where he was supposed to be at work in Jim’s Sardine Factory. Chester’s adrenaline went into overdrive as he found himself racing around his ran-down apartment to shower, eat, get dressed, and do all of his normal morning activities. He found himself leaping out his front door at 9:15 with his shirt inside-out, his pants on backwards, and two different shoes both on the wrong feet. Chester drives a scooter that has a top speed of twelve mile per hour which does not make the two hour commute very easy. Chester had just passed the quarter way mark when he heard a loud bang.

“Oh My!” Screamed Chester, “now what do I do.”

Chester’s back tire on his scooter has blown up, and his scooter is currently un-drivable. So a crippled scootered Chester had to wait for the AAA Ranger to get their with a new tire so he could fix it. Good thing Chester had AAA Insurance or he would be walking all the way home and would miss work totally .Of course, like usual, it took the AAA guy two hours to get to get to Chester, but when he got their it only took him 15 minutes to fix the time. Chester was now on his way again. Chester’s mind went through countless scenarios of what his manager Joe would do to him when he Got there.

Chester envisioned, “He could stick me with the worst job, sadly fire me, or not care at all”

He had just passed Sally’s seashell store, which he new was only a couple miles away from Jim’s Sardine Factory when it started to rain. Not the normal kind of rain either, it poured almost blinding Chester on his scooter. Every puddle that Chester seemed to drive in contained a pothole which sent Chester leaping into the air then slamming back on his scooter, which he found very painful. Beaten, distressed, and soaked Chester arrived at Jim’s Sardine Factory at 12 A.M which was three hours after his shift was supposed to start. Chester seen that his manager was busy so he decided he could sneak around him and he would never know that he hadn’t showed up on time. Just when Chester was almost in the clear, around the corner, and out of sight he hear a loud scream. ”Chester, get yourself over here right this instance”

“Yes sir, Chester whimpered”

Chester’s boss, Joe, screamed and shouted at him for a good Ten minutes. Chester then when he was done just loss control of himself and said a few things to his boss that he would probably regret in the future. Their brawl went back and forth for a good part of an hour. Joe finally at the end of their conversation fired Chester. Even though Jim, the owner of the factory, was Chester’s best friend he didn’t bother going to him and complaining, he just headed home. Chester beat himself up on the way home. Saying “how could I let this happen” and “why’d it have to end like this”.

Chester went home and just went to bed. The next day when he woke early he went to the local community college and enrolled in business management classes. Chester everyday from then on out went to classes everyday. Two years later Chester graduated at the top of his class, with a degree for business ownership and management. For obtaining the honor, Chester received a 500,000 dollar grant to help him start up a business. The next day Chester received the sad news that his Best friend Jim had just passed away from cancer, and that the business was up for sail. Chester confronted Jim’s wife that day and she explained how she was in to bad of shape to run the business anymore.

Chester realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to achieve great things in his life. With the Great Sardine thrive of 2011, Chester knew that this business would be perfect for him. Chester bought Jim’s Sardine factory for 399,000 and kept the original name in honor of Jim, his long best friend.

Chester was now the real boss of the factory, he fired his horrible boss Joe, and hired someone he knew that would love the job and actually bring life into the job. Ten years later Chester is currently retired and has handed the Factory over to his younger brother Lester. Chester traded his slow scooter for a 500 horse power Ferrari, traded in his small apartment for a large mansion on a private island, and bought a huge yacht he is currently sailing the world.

This just shows how patience is a virtue and sometimes the many obstacles that hard life throws at you can eventually turn into priceless experiences in the future.

The author's comments:
I Kind of tried for a unique twist between funny and mysterious, but also tried to teach a lesson.

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