Best Friends

December 14, 2011
By Nina8 BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
Nina8 BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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It was Friday and Ginger only had one more period to go. She was so excited for her weekend. Ginger could not concentrate in class. She was very eager to start her busy and fun packed weekend. The dismissal bell finally rang. Ginger sprang from her seat and headed out to her car. As she arrived home she headed inside her house. She put her backpack onto her bed and started straightening up her room. When she was done she picked out a cute outfit that she was going to wear to the movies later on that night. She quickly took a shower and started getting ready. When Ginger was getting ready her mom came home from work. She started yelling at Ginger to do some chores around the house. Ginger followed her mother’s orders and did her work. Ginger became very frustrated because she was trying to finish getting ready. Finally Gingers was done with everything her mom had told her to do so she speedily finished getting ready. Ginger was going out with her best friends to see a movie that they were dying to see. It was a comedy movie called “Blue Moon”.

Ginger left her house and headed to the movie theater. She was going to meet her friends there. When she parked she headed inside to buy her ticket and wait for her friends to show up. Three of her friends walked into the Movie Theater and meet up with Ginger. It was Carly, Madi, and Sarah. They all bought their tickets and walked over to Ginger to wait for their last friend, Holly, to show up. The movie started in five minutes and the girls were wondering were Holly could be. They tried calling her cell phone but she didn’t pick up. Then they called her house phone and none one picked up. They started to get very worried but decided to head into the movie anyways without her. During the movie the three girls kept texting Holly’s phone asking “where are you”? but holly never responded back.

The movie ended and the girls loved it but they were still wondering where there best friend could be. The girls all got into Gingers car because they were going to spend the night at her house. They all decided to dive over to Holly’s house to see if she was there. As, they drove up the entire house was pitch black. It seemed that no one was home so Ginger drove off. When they got to Gingers house they rushed inside to tell Gingers mom what was going on. Gingers mom was shocked. She wondered where Holly could be. Then the girls headed upstairs to Gingers room to hangout.

Later that night Gingers house phone rang. Gingers mom answered it and ran up to Gingers room to wake her up. She told Ginger that Holly and her family got into a car crash that afternoon. They were all ok but in the hospital for the night. Ginger wanted to see her friend so bad but it was very late.

Ginger woke up very early the next morning. She woke up Carly, Madi, and Sarah. She had told them the bad news. They all got dressed and they headed to the hospital to see Holly. They arrived at the hospital eagerly to see their best friend. The girls walked into Holly’s room and saw that she was wide awake with a cast on her arm. The four girls all screamed “Holly”! She was so excited to see them. Luckily, Holly only had a broken arm. She was not badly injured at all. Holly was able to leave the hospital a few hours after the girl’s arrival.

Ginger, Carly, Madi, and Sarah helped Holly return home safely. They spent the rest of the day with Holly helping her around her house. Holly couldn’t ask for better friends.

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