My Future Dream House

December 13, 2011
I pull into this beautiful place, it's humongous, brown, radiant, cabin. I can't believe this is all mine I step out of my car and see the superb, green garden right in front of me. I walk past this amazing garden smelling the gorgeous roses and realize this is my home. I walk through the sliding door and see the dazzling chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the shining marble floors. I walk up the massive stairs to see decorative rooms, a brilliant fire place, and a grand dining room. I look out the back window and think to myself this house couldn't get any better, that's when I see these warmhearted people in the back cleaning so I can work and spend time with my family and these bulky guards standing outside my front and back door making sure that I am safe. This house holds more than amazing, glamorous items. It has special memories of me and my family having a great time.

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