Letters From God.

December 13, 2011
By tttaylorreene BRONZE, Sharon, Pennsylvania
tttaylorreene BRONZE, Sharon, Pennsylvania
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Seven days till christimas and i dont even care. See this would be my first christimas without my dad he had just died a couple weeks ago.
As i opened the mall box today their sat a letter labeled Sarah from Dad.
My heart dropped as i sat their in shock "whats going on" i thought to myself. So i went on and opened the letter. Their in that envelop was a note that said day 7.

Day 7. You must be shocked while reading this. I have prepared 7 letters for you till christimas each one explaining more things to you that i never had the heart to tell you. xoxo Dad.

Whats going mom? "oh you must have gotten your first letter today". "I did how did dad have enough time to write me all these letters before he died?" "Sorry i cant answer any of your questions i promised your dad i wouldnt". "He knew he was gonne die didnt he?"

Day 6. I know you must have many questions but we still have 6 days to answer all of them. On christimas day the final and most important letter you will get. It will explain everything. As for now i want you to look under your bed. That cross has my name engraved in it for. Right now it might not be important but on christmas day it will be. Treasure the little things in life. And remember i love you now forever and always. What i did was best for all of us. Their wasnt mucht of a choice i had to do the things i did. xoxo Dad

School couldnt have went any slower all i wanted to do was go home and read my letter. I couoldnt believe dad did this. I cant wait for christmas day to finally know the truth lets hope it doesnt mess my whole day up.

Day 5. I wish i could hold you in my arms. I wish you could hear my voice. God has made these bumps in the road and this one was more like a break in the road and i had to fix it. I couldnt let this happen to you. Your mother would have been heartbroken. You had a whole life ahead of you. I one the other hand didnt have much time. I did what was best. Xoxo Dad

That night i cried myself to sleep. Thinking this whole thing was my fault? Dad died because of me? I didnt even go to school the next day i stayed home and cried. I spent the day looking back on pictures and remembering all the memories we had together.

Day 4. Nothing here is your fault. It was a chouce i made. Soon you will understand. Remember the father daughter dance? We danced to our song My little girl. That night i went home and cired because i knew what was coming and couldnt handle it. I knew i would miss your smile, your laguh, the happiness you brought me. Your my world. The day you were born i knew the love of a father would run deep. xoxo Dad.

I didnt even know what to do anymore. I walked around in a daze all i thought about was the truth on what happened to my dad. It felt like i was dying. That would be okay with me then i would get to see him and hug him. Hear his voice. I missed everything about him.

Day 3. The day is slowly coming and i still havent the heart to tell you the truth. I keep going over and over in my head whats going to happen and each time i think about it my heart breaks more and more inside. Honestly im scared. Im scared for me and scared for you. I dont wanna leave your mother but i have too. Please treat her right and give her all your love. Fill your heart with love and kindness. Know that god is just a pray away. As for me ill always be in your heart the most important place. Xoxo Dad

Im not sure if the letters are to make me cry because thats how it feels right now. All i do is cry.

Day 2. Well tomorrow is the big day. Please dont feel like anything is your fault this was all my doing. Treausure your life. I hope this makes you see the world a different way. Make every day count becaus it might be your last. Live your life to the fullest. xoxo Dad

I couldnt sleep at all. Knowing the truth would come out tomorrow.

Day 1. Lets start with Merry christimas! Hope your day is great. When your were 9 the docotors told me and your mother if you didnt get a new heart you wouldnt make it to ten. At that time i had cancer and we knew i would soon be meeting god. I couldnt let you die and then me die and leave your mother with nothing. So i did what was best. That heart beating in your chest is mine. I left you with the best christimas present anyone could ever recieve that gift is another chance at life. God did this because he knew i could handle giving my life up for you. He has a lot in store for you. Now you see why the necklace means so much. Each day it will remind you that you have a second chance and to keep pushing forward because god knew we were both strong enough to go thorugh this. My heart beat is your heart beat. Xoxo Dad.

The author's comments:
The idea of this story isnt mine but all the writing is.

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