Modern Day Monster

December 1, 2011
By SLP19 BRONZE, Aberanthy, Texas
SLP19 BRONZE, Aberanthy, Texas
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Usually when you hear the word "monster" you think of a huge hideous creature in some nightmare type of life. When in reality there are thousands of monsters amongst us in this very world. I think a monster is the side of people that rarely gets shown. Everyone has a monster within them. When i say monster I'm talking about a pure evil, cruel, vicious personality. For example Dr.Jekyll has a monster like character within hI'm and his name is Mr.Hyde he is cruel, vicious, and evil, but is he shown? No because he is a monster and monsters "hide in your closet" or "under your bed." My opinion on a modern day monster is the shady, sneaky, evil side of a person.

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